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5 Reasons To Hire A PPC Management Expert

The inability to properly research, implement, and maintain a paid search or paid media campaign can spell long term disaster for your time, effort, and budget. A successful paid campaign takes great attention to detail and the ability to analyze data into a flexible ongoing strategy. Quite frankly, most of us are too busy running our businesses or lack the experience needed to develop and maintain a paid search campaign. That's why hiring a PPC expert or paid media specialist is not only a logical decision but one that will save you resources and make the best possible use of your budget, ultimately increasing your marketing ROI.

Below, we list 5 reasons why you should hire a PPC management expert to handle your ongoing paid search and media efforts.

Comprehensive Market Research & Strategy

Research is crucial to the success of any paid media campaign. It requires a substantial amount of time and expertise both up front and ongoing in order to be effective. As with Search Engine Optimization, paid media campaigns should never have a "set it and forget it" mentality. Your audience, search trends, and technologies change as digital marketing continues onward, and it's important that your campaigns are fluid and flexible enough to change with emerging trends.

A PPC professional is continually researching these trends and developing strategies to keep your campaigns ahead of the curve and your users converting, increasing your ROI in the process. They remove the need for your team to spend hours researching and maintaining a paid campaign and frees your them to focus on the important aspects of running your business. Putting paid data and research in the hands of certified individuals who know how to utilize it best is one of the best investments you can make from a strategic standpoint.

Leverage Strategic Targeting

Depending on the type of paid media you decide to leverage, you're able to target specific elements of your audience to make your campaigns more effective. Who and how you are targeting is influenced by the data an expert would collect in the research and strategy phase of your campaign. PPC experts and paid media professionals dissect this data to better inform themselves of what paid media platforms are best to use for your campaign and how best to target specific audiences on that platform for higher engagement.

For instance, forms of audience targeting (depending on paid media type) include:

  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Language
  • Device
  • Topic
  • Placement
  • Interests
  • Previous conversions
  • Third party data

And more. Knowing how to properly read data and prioritize targeting efforts is key in paid media marketing and is best handled by a professional who knows how to analyze, implement, and maintain those efforts. If you underutilize targeting options or use too many, you could either miss clicks from key members of your target audience or draw too many clicks from irrelevant audience members, throwing money out the window in the process and lowering your ROI. A paid media specialist eliminates this concern.

Create Ad Copy That Converts

Ad copy seems simple enough on the surface: write a headline and some copy, right? Well, yes and no. Copy is extremely important in paid search and media as constructing a great ad requires knowing:

  • Who you are writing for
  • How that person searches
  • How that person thinks
  • And ultimately, what the goal of that person is

Having the answers to these questions will help you understand what keywords and queries you need to be targeting in your copy and how best to leverage them in a persuasive manner. A PPC expert and paid media specialist utilize best-in-class tools to find these keywords and queries and construct persuasive, action driven ad copy that catches the user's eye and is relevant to their particular search. They then create a landing page or a piece of content that will match the user's search intention with prominent calls to action to help increase the overall conversions. PPC professionals and paid media experts do this all while staying within the best practices and guidelines of search engines and ad platforms, removing all worries.

PPC professionals and paid media experts do this all while staying within the best practices and guidelines of search engines and ad platforms, removing all worries. Want great ad copy that converts? Let the paid search experts at Marcel Digital help out!

Focus On Landing Page Optimization

When it comes to creating a great landing page, you need to think about what information or content will help increase your conversions. Creating a clean and relevant landing page is not only important from a design and user experience standpoint, but it's also important in pushing the user through to finally convert. You could have the best ad copy in the world, but if a user comes to a landing page that's confusing, busy, or irrelevant to their needs, you're throwing your budget out the window.

A PPC expert not only has the ability to work with designers or use their own experience to create engaging landing pages, but they are able to test different landing page variations in order to find what layouts engage or convert your target audience most effectively. This not only saves time in research, design, and measurement, but it ensures that your landing page engages and converts at an optimal level.

Get Real Return On Investment

In order to measure the success of your paid media campaigns, you need to know what metrics to focus on and how your bottom line is impacted by your paid efforts. As with any marketing campaign, there are multiple metrics you could focus on, but you must know what the overall goal of your campaign in order to find what metrics measure success. 

For instance, important metrics to consider when starting a paid search or paid media campaign include:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): The amount paid for a click on an advertisement that leads to a landing page or website.
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR): The percentage of how many people click your ad versus the total number of impressions.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): The measurement of conversions as a result of your ad campaign in the form of leads submitted or online sales generated.
  • Impressions: The number of users who saw your ad content.
  • Conversions: The number of final actions (sales, leads, signups, etc.) taken by users on your landing page or content from an ad.
  • Social Engagement: The number of shares, retweets, "Likes", or comments your sponsored post accumulated.
  • Traffic: The amount of sessions a particular paid search or paid media campaign sent to your website or landing page

There are an endless amount of metrics you could measure beyond those listed above, but it's important to know what metrics matter most, and those are exactly the metrics that a PPC expert tracks. Paid media specialists remove the need for excess data or metrics that cloudy the answer to the simple question, "Is what we are doing working?" When you hire a PPC expert, we use the data as our single source of truth and answer that question in a transparent and easy to understand manner.

Choose The PPC Experts At Marcel Digital

If you're thinking about running a paid media campaign or having issues with your current strategy, it may be time to consider bringing in an expert. Hiring a PPC expert or paid media specialist gives you the ability to focus on your most important tasks: running and growing your business. Not only is Marcel Digital a Google Premier Partner and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, but we're also Google Certified Partners, meaning Google recommends us when it comes to data analysis and strategy implementation. When it comes to running a paid campaign, there's no one better than Marcel Digital. Simply put, we get results.

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