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Only 15% of companies are currently conducting any user experience research or analysis

We use data to create our UX strategies, from audits to wireframes, user testing to development, and everything in between.

  Hotjar Founding Partner

We create comprehensive user experience strategies for businesses and websites of all sizes, focused on increasing your target audience’s engagement and conversions. We develop these strategies through rigorous data collection that inform a user focused information architecture and wireframe, user tested and informed website designs, and websites that put the user experience first. 

Whether your focus is increasing leads or sales or improving overall engagement, our team of UX and usability experts will test different designs and layouts to determine the most efficient user journey for your prospects and target audiences. 

We leverage tools like Hotjar (the popular heat mapping and user tracking software of which we are a Founding Member) to record visual data of your users' behavior with heat, click, and scrolling mapping, along with user videos and surveys.

Marcel Digital staffs an expert team of ConversionXL Certified UX and usability experts that have completed the extensive training required to become certified. They also incorporate the latest thought leadership from the industry into our UX and usability process. Our Chicago based team specializes in integrating UX and development, so you can rest assured knowing that any recommended tests or implementations are following the latest development standards and best practices. 

We let data drive the implementations that will convert your prospects at a consistently higher rate, boost your digital marketing ROI, and make your website a lead and revenue-driving channel for your business. 

Our UX & Usability Process

Data Collection

As a Google Analytics Certified agency, a Hotjar Founding Member, and an agency that holds certifications across numerous industry data platforms, Marcel Digital focuses on one thing: letting data drive strategy. Our UX and usability projects are no different. 

Our data sources include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Google Surveys
  • A/B testing
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User interviews
  • Persona development
  • User flow strategy


Information Architecture

Using the above data sources, our team structures an information architecture that keeps users moving through your website and inspires action. Not only will this provide the primary navigation for your website, our UX experts will also work with our SEO team to create a sitemap that will include current high traffic pages, as well as new content opportunities to drive more qualified traffic from search.



Once information architecture and project scope is finalized, we’ll begin developing optimized wireframes that will inform our final design. Our UX experts create wireframes that focus on improving the user's experience. The team accounts for current roadblocks and opportunities, and implements UX best practices to ensure clear paths to conversion. We then define page structure, create various page templates, define features and page elements that are needed, improve the responsiveness of the design, and analyze the functionality of features on your site.


User Testing and Research

After wireframes are completed, we’ll move on to testing. The scope of testing varies from client to client but typically spans from internal stakeholder testing all the way to anonymous user group testing. During this phase, we’ll present the group with wireframes and analyze their feedback to provide actions that can be taken to improve the experience. This research focuses on removing potential roadblocks and ensuring the page layouts match the user experience. 



Design is where hard work comes to life. Using our data-driven and optimized wireframes, we’ll begin creating new designs that inspire potential customers and meet your branding guidelines. Designs are also reviewed by our ConversionXL Certified and Google Certified team of digital experts for maximum impact. Our web design experts don't just create designs that look pretty, they create designs that engage and convert. 

Our web designs include:

  • UX best practices
  • Style and branding guides
  • Website design standards
  • Full fidelity mockups

Once we've completed designs for all of your templates, we will work with your team to finalize and approve so we can push forward to development. 



Armed with finalized designs and site structure, our web development team will get to work creating your new, optimized website. All development work at Marcel Digital is done in sprints giving both teams the flexibility to prioritize and pivot where necessary.

We’ll start by creating a production site website that can be accessed by your team to see progress, as well as test designs, features, and site elements. This is also the time when content loading takes place, pulling in all of your site content to your new website. 

As standard practice, our development team will also collaborate with our SEO experts to ensure your website migration is optimized, minimal traffic is lost, and all of your pages are setup for future success with the search engines. 

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Looking for a UX and usability expert to take a look at your current website or upcoming website for potential user roadblocks or opportunities to drive more engagement and conversions? Give us a shout - our ConversionXL and Google Certified experts are standing by to hear how we can be your valued partner!