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Completely redesigned the digital ecosystem for a large US healthcare system.

Pipeline Health is a national healthcare brand tying together 7 hospital systems across the United States. Their team of healthcare leaders is singularly focused on empowering communities to live the healthiest lives possible through passion, innovation, compassion, integrity, and resilience.

The Challenge

Each of the 7 hospitals had their own sites, with their own layouts, on their own content management systems, and their own updating methods and schedules. This meant a disjointed user experience across the system and a difficult user experience. Our team was tasked with rebuilding the ecosystem in an effort to unify all locations under one brand and reimagine the user experience. This would allow current and prospective patients to better access information and resources and provide faster access to care.

The Analysis

Our team led a comprehensive discovery and research project with the Pipeline Health team to determine their biggest pain points and to identify the challenges each system faced with their current sites. We interviewed stakeholders, presented a new Information Architecture, and developed a new layout for the navigational structure of the site. As we progressed, we pulled in marketing team members to structure content and to provide feedback on page layouts to determine the best way to present information to current and prospective patients. We also utilized on-page analytics to inform these decisions giving us insight into the best way to build a user-centric website from the ground up.

The Solution

To create an incredible solution that best addressed user needs, we reimagined the user experience to provide current and prospective patients better access to information and resources. We improved page layouts utilizing UX best practices to create beautiful page layouts and appropriate click-through-actions and engagement points. We made it easier for users to engage with the hospital, find what they were looking for, and create simple paths to contact.

We also needed to create an all-new, efficient and governed editing experience for the marketing teams at each location to quickly and easily make updates to specific pages on the site. This included comprehensive user management to create an appropriate hierarchy for editing, approval, and publishing.

Additionally, with 6 locations merging into one ecosystem, it was important for us to think about the migration from an SEO perspective and create a comprehensive strategy to minimize risk and pass authority to the new site. We also incorporated SEO best practices and page structure alongside the migration to ensure all of the sites were set up for future SEO success.

The Results

The new website completely changed the way users digested the site and how the health system operates. Previous versions of the sites were difficult to update and navigate. The updated ecosystem presented predictable layouts for users and a cleaner design that was easier to read and navigate. User engagement also increased across all sites and organic traffic increased over time due to the improvements to page structure and a successful SEO migration.

Editors were also given more flexibility to make necessary changes to content quickly and efficiently, improving output and decreasing turn-around time for site adjustments.

All of these improvements resulted in the website winning the 2021 IMA Outstanding Achievement Award in both the Hospital and Healthcare categories.

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