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Marcel Digital Core Values

What are the Marcel Digital Core Values?

The Core Values are a proprietary list of characteristics, values, and qualifications we as an agency look at when hiring new employees and keeping our culture on track. But it doesn't just stop at hiring. 

We believe in living and breathing our company values at Marcel Digital, and that starts with our Leadership Team holding our experts accountable in performing their absolute best for our clients and themselves. That's why we don't solely rely on a "loose" set of expectations and annual reviews that look backward. We think forward about our company culture and expectations and want to keep them top of mind, that's why we created the Marcel Digital Core Values that focus on four key areas:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Curiosity

Every single employee at Marcel Digital goes through an annual review with their manager of the Core Values to see what areas they can improve upon moving forward. From there, we have monthly face-to-face check-ins to make sure they are on pace with improving on the agreed-upon areas and how growth can continue long-term. Not only does this help our employees grow as professionals and bring our vision to life, but it also helps the Leadership Team create a better company culture that improves our internal and client relationships, while also boosting agency morale and giving a better work/life balance.


What does Authenticity mean to us?

Embracing a vast array of personalities is a point of pride for us and it’s integral to our value structure. Every project manager and subject matter expert brings their own personality, values, and spirit to the work that we do. With that in mind, we are united by our positive intentions and outlooks. We assume the best of our clients and each other, building meaningful relationships in the process. The goal is always to elevate the individual strengths of our team and yours while supporting each other along the way.

Ways we define and measure Authenticity:

  • Being true to your own personality, values, and spirit as well as Marcel’s values
  • Building meaningful relationships internally as well as with clients and vendors
  • Finding consistency between feelings, thoughts, words, and actions
  • Acting with good intentions and motives
  • Assuming positive intent of others
  • Maximizing your strengths and finding support for everything else
  • Taking an active role to help build a positive organizational culture


What does Integrity mean to us?

At Marcel, we always act in the best interests of our clients. Sometimes this means challenging their processes, methodologies, and perspectives. Our team is always prepared to defend our best practices, but we’re also confident enough to be convinced of a new approaches that work better for your business. We do not avoid topics, discussions, or problems that come up along the way. We take pride in our ability to communicate openly and take on challenges with intellectual honesty to find the best solutions.

Ways we define and measure Integrity:

  • Demonstrating intellectual honesty internally in all working relationships
  • Defending your own perspective confidently
  • Allowing yourself or be convinced of a better approach confidently
  • Displaying maturity and the ability to conduct yourself appropriately
  • Minimizing negative attitudes and reactions
  • Keeping things in perspective even when stressed
  • Facing all topics, discussions, problems, and responsibilities
  • Doing what needs to be done and doing it well

What does Accountability mean to us?

Honoring our commitments: it’s at the heart of everything we do. This means going above and beyond to both identify and communicate key responsibilities on all projects. Our subject matter experts take ownership of their roles and actively work to find solutions that will drive the best outcomes for you and your organization. We bring a solution-forward approach to our process and do what we say we will do. Moreover, we keep you up to date every step of the way.

Ways we define and measure Accountability:

  • Taking ownership and applying diligence in all situations
  • Speaking up to ensure that you are heard
  • Mastering your work and subject matter expertise
  • Committing to excellence in delivery
  • Owning projects and tasks to the very end, even with roadblocks
  • Staying flexible and available as unique needs arise
  • Approaching new challenges with excitement
  • Focusing on finding the right solutions, not just harping on the problem
  • Finding ways to build better processes between teams
  • Providing a seamless integrated experience across channels and teams
  • Doing what you said you would do



What does Curiosity mean to us?

Our passion for bringing digital marketing insight to clients is what drives us every day and we do that through curiosity. It’s not just technical marketing knowledge, we challenge ourselves to differentiate between goals, strategy, channels, and tactics. More importantly, curiosity helps us link insight to action. Marcel takes tangible steps to set goals, deliver results, and grow your digital presence. With digital marketing being an ever-changing landscape, we proactively think about your business needs through multiple perspectives and larger industry changes.

Ways we define and measure Curiosity:

  • You completely agree with this quote from Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” 
  • Ask clear, logical questions in order to get to the heart of the discussion.
  • Uses “what” and “how” questions most to get to the root of the topic whilst minimizing “why?”
  • Understands the difference between a data point and an insight, the “what” and the “so what.”
  • Challenges themselves to provide valuable insight within the remit of their role and level.
  • Understands and can differentiate between goals, strategy, channels and tactics for any particular client, because they have asked enough questions.
  • Works to link insight to action to create impactful results for our clients
  • Able to see the big picture of Marcel as well as the big picture of the client and understand how they fit together.
  • Understands our client’s entire marketing strategy from goals through tactics, both traditional and digital.
  • Proactively thinks about the client through multiple perspectives, not just digital
  • Anticipates risks and stakeholder needs and takes action to address them in a proactive manner.