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Marcel Digital Core Values

What are the Marcel Digital Core Values?

The Core Values are a proprietary list of characteristics, values, and qualifications we as an agency look at when hiring new employees and keeping our culture on track. But it doesn't just stop at hiring. 

We believe in living and breathing our company values at Marcel Digital, and that starts with our Leadership Team holding our experts accountable in performing their absolute best for our clients and themselves. That's why we don't solely rely on a "loose" set of expectations and annual reviews that look backward. We think forward about our company culture and expectations and want to keep them top of mind, that's why we created the Marcel Digital Core Values that focus on four key areas:

  • Professionalism
  • Grit
  • Perspective
  • Intellectual Honesty

Every single employee at Marcel Digital goes through an annual review with their manager of the Core Values to see what areas they can improve upon moving forward. From there, we have monthly face-to-face check-ins to make sure they are on pace with improving on the agreed-upon areas and how growth can continue long-term. Not only does this help our employees grow as professionals and bring our vision to life, but it also helps the Leadership Team create a better company culture that improves our internal and client relationships, while also boosting agency morale and giving a better work/life balance.


What is Professionalism?

To put it simply, "professionalism" to us means knowledge in your area of expertise and the ability to respectfully translate that knowledge to peers, clients, and the task at hand. It means being confident in your work and answers, and being the expert in the room. It means the ability to control your emotions, keep cool under pressure, stay focused, and remaining accountable. You're constantly looking to improve your skills and craft, building new skill sets to drive results for not only our clients but yourself as a professional.

How we evaluate our team on their professionalism:

  • Displays competence in their role (aptitude)
  • Displays professional maturity and the ability to conduct themselves appropriately both internally, with clients, and with vendors.
  • Flexible and available - embrace the Marcel Digital culture where hours of operation are not a factor and has little impact on responsiveness or output.
  • Does not game the system.
  • Fosters trust, reliability, and collaboration with the team, clients, and vendors.
  • Minimizes negative attitudes and reactions. Keeps things in perspective even when frustrated or stressed.
  • Demonstrates accountability, ownership, and diligence in all situations.
  • Does what they said they would do.


What is Grit?

When we talk "grit" at Marcel, we mean having a true passion for the work you do and the desire to scratch and claw to go above and beyond for our clients. You follow through on the tasks you need to complete and put in the hours to exceed our client's business goals. You look for new solutions, you research, you experiment, you test, and you're never satisfied with "good enough". You don't strive for perfection, you strive for excellence.

How we judge our team on grit:

  • They are committed to doing what needs to be done and doing it well.
  • Able to see tasks through to the very end, pushing past or going around roadblocks.
  • Owns their projects and tasks.
  • Ready and willing to take on new challenges, doesn’t pass the buck because it’s “not my job.”
  • Have decided for themselves what is best (even if not dictated to them), what should be done and then gets it done.
  • Focuses on finding solutions, not harping on the problem. Applies those solutions to future process.
  • Creates results through their role.


What is Perspective?

Without "perspective", you can't see the reason why you're doing the work you do day in and day out. We expect our team members to see the big picture of both the agency and our clients, but seeing it is only half the battle. You have to be able to clearly communicate the big picture, and walk your way down from the high-level strategy to the "in the weeds" tasks. You're able to clearly follow conversations and keep pace with the room. You think ahead of what important questions may arise or roadblocks might hinder your work, and pivot to accommodate the unexpected.

How we judge our team on perspective:

  • Able to see the big picture of Marcel as well as the big picture of the client and understands how they fit together.
  • Understands Goals, Strategy, Channels, Tactics and Tasks and the differences between all the above.
  • Communicates clearly and concisely.
  • Stays on topic and does not go off on tangents.
  • Asks clear, logical questions in order to get to the heart of the issue.
  • Knows when to accept good enough and when to strive for perfection.
  • Anticipates risks and stakeholder needs and takes action to address.

Intellectual Honesty

What is Intellectual Honesty?

Intellectual honesty is the ability to say "I don't know" if you truly don't. You don't avoid the tough conversations - you want to have rigorous discussions that bring out the solutions or "gold" of the issue at hand. If you know the answer, you say it, and you fight by providing evidence to prove your position. You don't lie and you're happy to proven "wrong" if the counterpoint is correct and brings a better solution than your own.

How we judge our team on intellectual honesty:

  • Confident and happy to defend their own perspective or be convinced of another if presented with a better perspective.
  • Does not avoid topics, discussions, problems, or taking responsibility.
  • Speaks up to ensure that they are heard.
  • Does not obfuscate truth to pursue or support a belief.