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SEO Link Building Services

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Our link building services have increased our client’s organic visibility by 48%.

Our ethical, white hat SEO link building services focus on building links that are high quality, relevant, authoritative, and will increase your overall organic visibility.


It’s no secret that having a clean backlink profile is essential to your ongoing SEO efforts, but implementing a SEO link building campaign takes stringent research and careful execution. 

At Marcel Digital, we create and execute link building strategies from the ground up. We start with competitive keyword research, comprehensive content strategies, and an extensive network of contributors to help build organic visibility for your content and your website as a whole. 

Marcel Digital doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to link building. We focus on leveraging relationships with industry publications and thought leaders to build links that drive higher quality, relevant traffic to your website, while simultaneously increasing your content’s search engine visibility for key searches long-term. Our process is highly manual, natural, and free of spam tactics, with all link building strategies created and executed at our offices in Chicago. When you partner with Marcel Digital, you get leading SEO link building specialists.

We focus on building and maintaining a backlink profile that validates the trustworthiness and authority of both your website and brand. Every link built at Marcel is researched, vetted, and maintained by our team of renowned SEO experts, and is guaranteed to push you to your organic search goals. Simply put: we build links that get you higher quality traffic, rankings, and organic ROI overall.

Our SEO Link Building Services

Marcel Digital provides SEO link building services that are custom to your specific content and business needs. Each link built is part of a larger SEO strategy and is focused on driving high quality traffic and leads to your site, while also building your organic visibility and equity in Google and other search engines.

Our proprietary link building process includes:

  • Keyword research (what searches drive traffic and leads?)
  • Anchor text analysis (what clickable link text is needed to tell users and search engines what your page is about?)
  • Competitor / industry research (what backlinks do competitors have and from where?)
  • Common backlink analysis (what links do you need that top ranking websites have?)
  • Content audits (what content do we need to create or update?)
  • Backlink audits and health checks (what current backlinks are holding us back?)


As part of an ongoing content marketing and SEO strategy, Marcel Digital will work with your marketing team to ideate, create, and distribute valuable pieces of content that can be used in an ongoing link building campaign for your website. These content pieces can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Videos

Our team will then conduct outreach to various industry websites and publications to provide your content as an information source and build links back to your website. These links always follow our QRA criteria above and ensure that your content not only increases visibility in search engines, but sends qualified traffic to your content.


Sometimes pages on your website move or simply break (you should always stay on top of this with regular SEO audits), and sometimes those pages have backlinks pointing to them. When a page is broken on your website with valuable backlinks pointing to them, it renders the value of those backlinks useless. That’s where link reclamation comes in.

At Marcel Digital, we conduct regular backlink audits to ensure you don’t unwillingly lose authority to your website. This ensures that backlinks to your website are pointing to live pages, and if not, our team will prioritize these links, reach out to site owners, and get them updated. We make sure every link pointing to your site is providing value and measurable ROI.


Just as your website could have backlinks pointing to broken pages on your site, so can your competitors. This is a huge opportunity for your website. Our team of SEO experts will track down backlinks pointing to your competitors sites that are broken, and reach out to site owners to change those backlinks to your content instead.

If you don’t have the content needed for this, we can help you create it. We do this by:

  • Conducting keyword research
  • Prospecting publications or websites with broken backlinks
  • Help your team create the content needed
  • Reach out to a prioritized list of prospects to update links
  • Collect new, relevant backlinks to your website

This tactic helps your SEO efforts in multiple ways: your website gets more content, you obtain more backlinks, and you gain higher organic visibility and rankings.


Branded mentions are mentions of your brand, products, or services on a website or publication, but without a link. Marcel Digital will find high quality, unlinked brand mentions and work with these websites and publications to include a link back to your website or content. This process takes research, time, and effort, so it’s important to utilize a team of experts to build these links and leave you to your work.


One of the most ethical ways to build backlinks to your website is through citation management via local SEO. Marcel Digital does this by partnering with local citation aggregators that allow us to manage and make changes across numerous relevant industry websites and publications.

Google and other search engines also use these citations as a way to verify your information to return in search results. These citations include:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Business categories
  • Photos

Making sure this information is up to date (and contains a backlink to your website) is imperative to help search engines understand your locality and the information it gives searchers about your business.

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