Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Marcel Digital has been a leader in professional SEO strategy and execution since early 2003. We have lead the way through every evolution of SEO and remain dedicated to transparent, authentic, sticky and cutting edge SEO work. If you're a regional or Chicago based business looking for a professional SEO partner, check out our Chicago SEO page!

Our work includes technical, content and offsite SEO strategy as well as local SEO, mobile SEO, SEO audits, keyword research and content strategy for SEO. Most importantly we are able to build quality, relevant and authoritative links to your website to drive up your organic conversions while simultaneously disrupting your competition's position in the market.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing channel which drives quality traffic to your website. Great SEO work raises your domain authority which helps your website rank for your most important keywords which drives quality organic traffic to your website which results in quality organic conversions for your business.

In order to run a successful SEO campaign, you need sound, customized SEO strategy. Together with technical expertise, comprehensive understanding of search engine behavior and a competitive spirit make all the difference in driving results.

Search engines run on algorithms, looking for specific criteria to see if they match a user’s search intent. Since these algorithms are constantly changing, literally on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, SEO requires constant analysis and adjustments to strategy and tactics. Simultaneously, your competition is constantly striving for improved rankings. Therefore, professional SEO is not a one-time endeavor. It is a monthly battle and the victorious not only enjoy the reward of increased organic conversions but they increase the value of their business, create additional stress on the competition and reduce the neverending pressure to increase their digital media spend.

The Challenges Facing SEO

We’ve been in the SEO business since 2003 when search engines were far less sophisticated. Over the past several years, search engines have begun incorporating machine learning into their algorithms to help them analyze websites more like a human and less like a computer. This has lead to issues for many businesses who do not understand the implications or worse, are working with a professional SEO agency who are not taking action.

Getting Top Rankings

This is the number one issue we hear from prospects: “We’re not ranking number one for (insert general business keyword here)” or “We want to rank higher for (insert broad industry keyword here)”. Any good professional SEO would never attempt to get you to rank for one or a few particular keywords. There’s a myriad of reasons for this, including:

  • Search is personalized (search results look different to different searchers)
  • Focusing on ranking for one or two keywords is a waste of resources as there are likely dozens which will drive conversions.
  • Particular keywords may not drive qualified conversions
  • The keywords which drive conversions often fluctuate

Instead, we recommend fleshing out key focus areas, or groups of related keywords and variations of keywords. In our SEO strategies, our keyword research is focused on developing key focus areas, which we use for content strategies and tagging on your website. Doing so will improve organic traffic for multiple of keywords, in turn driving more engagement and conversions on your website.

Lack of Internal Resources

You have a business to run and grow, so it’s completely understandable that SEO inadvertently becomes a lower priority. Sometimes it’s because you don’t have the resources or capacity to focus on SEO and other times it’s simply because it isn’t on your radar. But SEO is an invaluable tool that you must have in your marketing toolbox. It not only builds your brand awareness, but it drives more sales and leads by attracting qualified users when they are actively searching for your products, services, or business. Without SEO, you miss out on your most important prospects and customers; something your competitors are more than happy to pick the slack up on.

Little to No Return on Investment

This is the most heartbreaking thing we hear from prospects, that they don’t see the ROI in SEO. First, this may be an analytics issue. Assuming analytics is on point, it is difficult to get buy-in from upper management because they simply don’t see the value in SEO. But pound for pound, SEO typically drives more value than any other channel. When an SEO strategy is rooted in thorough data and ongoing analysis, it’s one of the biggest weapons you have in growing your business. Continually measuring performance to ensure all SEO efforts are resulting in more engagement and conversions is key to any ROI conversation.


What Our Professional SEO Experts Bring to the Table

Simply put, we believe we are the best in class SEO agency in the country. Not only do we staff a Moz Oracle, we also staff the highest endorsed Moz Oracle in the world. We’re the professional SEO agency other agencies call to help them develop and drive strategies for their clients. But we’re more than just a SEO agency, we have the distinct advantage of being a web development and digital marketing agency. This means that our SEOs are constantly collaborating with our team of web developers, usability experts, paid media specialists, and analytics experts to develop and maintain a forward-thinking, world-class SEO strategy to accomplish your firm’s most important goals.

Our professional SEO process includes:

  • Initial discovery call where we learn the ins and outs of your business and goals
  • Deep diving audit to get the full scope of your overall SEO performance
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations to boost SEO performance
  • Implementation of technical, content, and off-site SEO tasks
  • Ongoing monthly reporting of work and results

Not only do we keep you up to date on our efforts and their results, but we give you full scope access to our work management platforms. This means that you can easily see what we’re working on and when it will be done. We lift the veil of secrecy, we want you to feel like a partner and the best way to do so is to be fully transparent in our efforts. This is why Marcel Digital has a 95% year over year retention rate: we have nothing to hide and our time-tested SEO process gets our clients results.


The SEO Tools We Use

In order to conduct organic research and implement SEO campaigns, Marcel Digital partners with a suite of best-in-class tools to help us drive more qualified traffic and conversions to our client's websites from search engines. A few of these tools include:

         Google Analytics     Moz       SEMRush

These tools help us build strategies that are unique to our client’s business goals. When you sign on with Marcel Digital, not only will you see how we use these tools more in depth, but you’ll see how we derive a strategy from them and how the data continues to drive the ongoing strategy of your SEO campaign.


Our Clients Have Been Featured In...

Not only do we help our clients create great content, but we make sure that that content gets the right placements and mentions in the some of the biggest publication names on the internet. For instance, our clients have been mentioned in...


Huffington Post

                           Wired Logo Logo

                      TheStreet Logo   TechCrunch                     Inc Logo


And more! Our professional SEO experts don't "build backlinks". We build relationships with relevant, high-quality publications that get the right eyes on your content to drive more qualified traffic to your website and increase your most important conversions, like sales or leads. Backlinks to us are relevant, high-quality, and authoritative, building your brand and website authority in the eyes of search engines, but most importantly, your target audiences and customers.

But We're Just Getting Started

We get results and the digital marketing industry recognizes us for it. Not only is Marcel Digital’s team of professional SEO experts both Google Analytics and Tag Manager Certified, but we're regular contributors to various blogs and forums across the industry, such as Huffington Post, Forbes, and Inc.

We're trusted. We're sought after. We're the real deal. We're the agency other agencies go to for SEO.

Want to see what we can do? Get a complimentary SEO analysis on us - no strings attached.

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What Our Customers Think

Marcel Digital has produced infinitely more subscribers for us than radio, magazines, and newspapers. I wish I would have known, because I would have taken every penny from those budgets and reallocated to you. Marcel Digital is doing an amazing job!

- Andrew G. Athy, The Dilectio Group, Inc.

We used Marcel to help audit and improve our Google Analytics setup. They presented and executed a solid plan for making sure we were accurately tracking the metrics that were most important to our business. Everyone I worked with was very smart, accommodating, and easy to work with. Marcel Digital should be on (and probably at the very top) of any shortlist of agencies you're considering for this type of work.

- Nick Altmann, Kapow

When we were faced with the task of quickly stepping up the effectiveness of our internet marketing, Marcel Digital was able to guide us through a strategic plan that has allowed us to take significant steps towards our goals without a large outlay of time and resources.

- Gary Leffler, Broadway In Chicago

While I could dwell on your team's flawless tactical execution and effective management of our online advertising budget, we were most impressed with Marcel's ability to frame our unique needs in the context of an overarching communications strategy. This focus, coupled with your responsiveness, regular process updates, and eye on future developments, has made Marcel an integral part of our firm's overall online strategy.

- Matthew R. Tullai, Frank Lynn & Associates, Inc.

“Marcel Digital has been a trusted partner of ours for many years.  We are always in close communication and they are consistently helping us get the most out of our online campaigns. When we are not talking strategy, they are bringing us new ideas to help take us to the next level of success.  I always look forward to speaking with them and couldn’t be happier with the relationship we have developed.”

- Ken Quandt, Rush University Medical Center