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Marcel Digital has been executing data-driven SEO campaigns since 2003. We’ve been through every algorithm update, migrated hundreds of websites, and successfully implemented search engine best practices for clients of all industries and sizes. 

We're an SEO company driving results through SEO audits, SEO strategy development, comprehensive keyword research, holistic content marketing campaigns, optimization of your local SEO channels, ongoing SEO consulting, mobile/page speed optimizations, and much more. We ensure that your website is optimized holistically to search engine best practices and personalize every SEO engagement to your specific needs to ensure that we are plugging in where necessary to improve your results.  

When you partner with Marcel Digital, you not only get a leading SEO company
but access to our entire team of digital marketing and web development expertsSearch Engine Optimization requires technical adjustments to your site, content creation, content distribution, local citation building, ethical link building, and much more to keep and improve your rankings on the search engines. There’s a lot that has the potential to bounce between our team and yours. Our team integrates with marketing teams of all sizes to prioritize and implement SEO tasks and can leverage our in-house web development, UX, design, analytics, and digital marketing experts to plug-in and provide you with holistic solutions where necessary. Additionally, our SEO teams are CMS agnostic, meaning we’ve optimized hundreds of sites on different content management systems including Umbraco, Wordpress, Sitecore, Joomla, Magento, DotNetNuke, and more.

How We Operate

At Marcel Digital, we create data-driven SEO strategies centered on three pillars:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • Off-Page SEO

Of course, there’s a ton of work that goes into these three pillars. Knowing what to do and when to do it can be daunting, so we create a comprehensive, prioritized roadmap that outlines the strategy implementation. This roadmap then translates directly to our project management tools so tasks are assigned and completed according to priority and milestones.

While every SEO campaign we run is personalized to your needs and goals, we have cultivated an extensive list of proven SEO services under each of these three pillars to maximize your search engine exposure and produce results.

Pillar Group (2)


Search engines have a very particular way of crawling your website, and the fun part is: it’s always changing. Because of this, it’s important to optimize the code and structure of your site to ensure you are giving search engines the best chance at indexing and ranking your website.

In order to gauge the technical health of your website, we start off with a comprehensive SEO audit. This deliverable provides you with a roadmap of prioritized next steps to optimize your website and provide a baseline for the ongoing search engine optimization of your site.

Our team can then plug in with your development team directly to consult on the implementation or utilize our in-house development team to implement the recommendations for you. We go where you need us.

Our technical audits analyze the following:

  • Website mark-up
  • Crawlability and indexability
  • Site architecture
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Link portfolio
  • Structured data markup
  • Image optimization
  • Penalty assessment and recovery
  • Local SEO

This audit will provide you with the steps necessary to make your site search engine friendly and start you down the path of a well-ranking, optimized website.

Our team will also keep track of those pesky algorithm updates for you so we can stay on top of search engine best practices and you can stay focused on your work.

Learn more about the technical SEO services at Marcel Digital.


Google wants you to create content. The more content they have to index, the better chance they have at serving up the right content for a user’s search. Their algorithms are getting smarter and are cultivating the best content on the web faster and more efficiently than ever.

So while search engines certainly look at the technical structure of your site, they also want you to create good, meaningful content that users find useful. However, this means more than simply creating a lot of content. You need to conduct thorough research, optimization, distribution, and measurement so you can more effectively attract, inform, and convert customers from search.

Our SEO team provides all of the tactics necessary for content optimization:

  • Full content marketing strategy development & execution
  • Comprehensive keyword & search intent research
  • Content mapping
  • Content optimization
  • User experience & conversion optimization
  • Integration & collaboration with your content team (if applicable)

Producing and optimizing relevant content on your site works in tandem with Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO to provide search engines with more relevant content and increase your chances of ranking for user searches.

Check out our content for SEO services to learn more about how we create and optimize content.


Not all SEO work happens on your website. In fact, some of the most important aspects of SEO happen off your website.

Google’s algorithm looks at the volume of quality, relevant and authoritative links pointing back to your web pages to determine if you are a reputable source for content. We call this “Offsite SEO”. Like the other two pillars, it takes rigorous research, strategizing, and execution to be successful.

A majority of SEO success relies on the links that point back to your website, branded properties or profiles you may have, and how users interact with your brand through various placements on the web.

Our team develops holistic offsite strategies utilizing the following tactics:

  • Ethical backlink building strategy
  • Link reclamation
  • Elimination of nefarious backlinks
  • Local SEO services
  • Anchor text optimization
  • Branded mention monitoring
  • Targeted content distribution
  • Penalty recovery

Offsite SEO takes time and requires expertise to do correctly. There are many factors that come into play to build relationships for linking purposes and improve your offsite authority. Learn more about the off-page SEO services at Marcel Digital.

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We Drive Higher Quality Organic Traffic & Conversions




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We increased WorldPoint's organic visibility and rankings for key healthcare training products using indepth analysis and our strategic SEO roadmap.


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Increase in organic sessions

We used our experience in 100s of website migrations to develop a comprehensive SEO migration strategy that not only increased organic traffic to Rush's new website, but has remained consistent long term.





Increase in organic sessions

Our SEO experts provided Infer with numerous fundamental and content SEO recommendations that lead to increases in organic engagement and conversions overall. 


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