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About Marcel Digital

Don't Be a Cliche!

Since 2003, we’ve been the Google Partner that businesses and brands collaborate with to build and execute world-class, award-winning digital marketing strategies.

Marcel Digital is a team of digital marketing, web development, and Google Analytics experts focused on carrying out digital strategies that drive more traffic, sales, leads, and engagement to our client’s websites from prospects and customers. Our areas of expertise include SEO, paid media, CRO, web development, and Google Analytics - all of which are used holistically and comprehensively in digital strategies for our clients. Our team works in one office in Chicago; our SEOs and paid search experts sit next to our web developers, who sit next to our UX experts, who also sit next to our Google Analytics experts. Nothing is outsourced, ever - all strategies are researched and executed in house, right here in Chicago.

While the mission has always been to bring transparency, the vision has always been not to be a cliche, to be a typical digital marketing agency. Scroll down to read about our mission, values, and people below.

Our People

When asked why clients sign on and stay with Marcel Digital, the first thing usually mentioned is our people. We pride ourselves on hiring and staffing intellectually honest, passionate, motivated, solution-oriented experts that focus on effectively communicating and executing digital marketing strategies for our clients. We call them A-Players, and they’re at the center of our success as an agency. Here are the four key areas of the Marcel Digital Core Values that every hire is based upon:

  • Professionalism
  • Grit
  • Perspective
  • Intellectual Honesty

Learn more about the elements that make up the Marcel Digital Core Values.

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Our Mission

At Marcel Digital, our mission is to bring transparency to our client’s digital marketing universe. 

When Ben Swartz started Marcel Digital in 2003 after leaving AOL-Time Warner, he aimed to create an agency that acted as a trusted business partner and did everything possible to eliminate obfuscation. For him, it meant investing and putting more focus on Google Analytics setups and implementations, leading to more clear and actionable reporting and strategy. He wanted to emphasize the value of clear communication in our client partnerships - what the data says, what that means for strategy, how it’s going to get done, and what next steps are after work is completed. These are the values that he would use to create the Marcel Digital Core Values, an ongoing and evolving internal checklist in hiring and measuring our team.

Internally at Marcel Digital, transparency means many things and touches every facet of the work we do. It means clear communication from management by way of Last Friday one on one meetings, quarterly Management By Objectives to reject the limitations of micromanagement, yearly reviews to help employees grow and stay on their career path, weekly TinyPulse to get employee feedback anonymously, monthly company meetings, and ad hoc one on one meetings. Transparency means spelling out who/what exactly we consider an A Player at Marcel Digital. It means understanding what you do, what success looks like, where you are going professionally, and where the company is going. It ties our experts to the big picture and goals of Marcel, giving them a place and purpose in our evolution.

Transparency to us isn’t just a word - we live and breathe it.

Our Values

Our values are simple: be honest, have integrity, keep it simple, be proactive, and be efficient.

All of the work we do is focused on being your trusted business advisor. We value thought partnership with our clients and having rigorous conversations that keep pushing the relationship forward - because that’s where success lies. 

We value the following: our team of “A” players, letting data drive decision making, transparency, and brutal honesty. Marcel Digital is an agency that behaves much more like a consultancy.

We are full-stack and responsive. Systems, networking, website development, marketing; we can expand to full service or shrink down and plug into almost any need quickly and easily.

Our Google Analytics Certified Partnership goes beyond individual certifications. It offers Marcel Digital the opportunity to get behind the curtains of Google to better understand their newest technologies, beta opportunities and strategies.

Continuous training is extremely important to our company. We know that technology changes and must be adapted fluidly to fit your goals. You will not find a more technically sound account management team or a more client friendly team of digital strategists

Behind our awards, certifications and credentials are a group of passionate and talented individuals who care about their work. We pride ourselves in our people and their abilities.

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Our Philanthropy

"From college to AOL to Marcel Digital, I have been tremendously lucky to have continued support and help from amazing people along my journey. For these reasons, I feel compelled to always give back to my community."

- Ben Swartz, Marcel Digital Founder + CEO

We value our community and put our support behind organizations that strive to help and empower the less fortunate. We integrate charitable causes into the fibers of Marcel Digital, specifically in causes we are passionate about - causes that make a better Chicago. 

Since day 1 of Marcel Digital, we’ve given our time, expertise, and resources to help nonprofits and charities of all types in volunteering at their events and offering digital marketing services to build their messaging, websites, and awareness. As a team, we participate in monthly events and volunteering opportunities to help us become closer with our community and each other. We pride ourselves on being involved and that’s why at Marcel Digital we encourage our team to take as many days off as they’d like to help charities and organizations they believe in.

Organizations and charities we’ve had the pleasure of working with include:

And more! We’re always looking for more organizations and charities to partner with to better the Chicago community. If you’re interested in partnering with Marcel Digital, we’d love to hear how we can help!