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Website Development Services

You need a website that’s going to work for you, not just look better. Our website development services focus on both.

Since 2003, Marcel Digital has been building and maintaining award-winning custom websites and offering web development services for brands and businesses of all sizes.

Our team of Chicago web development experts create full custom websites, custom web apps, microsites, landing pages, and functional management systems, as well as provide a full range of hosting and maintenance packages.

We’ve created a web development process that integrates our team of in-house Google Analytics Certified experts, UX specialists, and SEO experts. There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" website at Marcel Digital. We integrate all of our website development services into a custom, strategic web development approach that ensures your new website is fast, stable, user-friendly, responsive, SEO-friendly, and conversion-focused. We’re an original Umbraco Certified Gold Partner and have built a number of custom web apps and features for clients all over the world. 


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Our Web Development Process

Our team believes in shaping a development approach that gets to the root of your customer’s needs. We’ve developed a comprehensive process that incorporates our UX, analytics, user tracking, mobile responsiveness, SEO, and other web development services to ensure that your website is not only well designed but also better suited to your users. All web development projects are put into a project roadmap and our work management tool to which your team will be granted access.

Our integrated web development process is composed of the following phases:

Data Collection

Our Chicago web developers and usability experts are certified in a host of data collection tools including Google Analytics, Hotjar, ConversionXL, Visual Website Optimizer, and more, that we use to drive the development of your website. Learn more about how we collect data.  

User Experience

From audits to wireframes, user testing to development, and everything in between, Marcel Digital UX experts will create a comprehensive user experience strategy focused on increasing the overall engagement and conversions of your target audiences and personas. Learn more about our user experience services.

Information Architecture

Marcel Digital will work with your marketing teams to create a user-focused information architecture that categorizes content in a logical manner so it’s easy and quick to find via your website’s navigation. We’ll storyboard your website and make sure it comes to life in development.


Our team of ConversionXL user experiences and usability experts will collaborate with our digital marketing experts to develop wireframe templates focused on informing and converting your target audiences using data analysis and industry best practices. These wireframes will then inform the basic structure of the web design moving forward.


Marcel Digital will then use these wireframes to develop a clean, easy to use website that is SEO friendly, responsive, goal-focused, Google Analytics-driven, and Hotjar informed. Learn more about our web design services.

Backend Development

Not everything happens in front of the screen. We’ll configure the backend of your website so that you can quickly make changes without needing web development or IT teams. We give you full control of your website, complete with user administration and permissions. We’ll even install Google Analytics on your new site to make sure data is tracking properly before it goes live.

Frontend Development

Here’s where everything comes to life. We’ll take web designs and create them in the frontend of your website so that you can see everything in a development environment. Any adjustments can be made here and fine-tuned so your website is ready to attract, inform, and convert target audiences from the jump.

We provide your team with consistent, regularly scheduled updates so you can stay on top of your site’s progress. The most successful website launches involve close collaboration with both teams, so we provide access to our project management software through all stages of development. This allows us to not only remain on the same page, but also pivot where necessary to address current priorities and needs.

Our Web Development Services

Marcel Digital offers a number of web development services and solutions tailored to your specific needs and business goals. Whether you’re looking to develop, redesign, host, maintain or support your website, Marcel Digital will build a customized solution that fits your needs. 

Our team is built from development experts based in Chicago. We staff Umbraco Certified Masters, Sitecore Certified Developers, and we’re a Certified Microsoft Azure Partner. Our team knows the technology and will come up with the best option for your needs.

Umbraco Development, Optimization & Maintenance

Marcel Digital is the premier Umbraco Gold Partner in the United States, staffing only Umbraco Masters and Developers, as well as hosting the Umbraco US Festival every year here in Chicago. To put it simply, we live and breathe the Umbraco CMS. 

Some of the Umbraco website development services that we offer include:

  • Web development
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Umbraco Customizations
  • CMS migrations to Umbraco CMS
  • Digital marketing services for Umbraco

Why Umbraco? Umbraco is the world’s leading open source Microsoft ASP.NET CMS,  leveraged by some of the biggest brands in the world like Amazon, Walmart, Bank of America, Heinz, Vogue, Air Wick, SanDisk, Mercedes-Benz, and many more. 

Want to learn more about our Umbraco services? Head to our Umbraco Certified web development services page.

ASP.NET Development

Since 2003, Marcel Digital has developed world-class, award-winning websites and web applications using the ASP.NET framework. We specialize in numerous .NET web development services and solutions, including:

  • .NET web application development
  • .NET integration services
  • .NET enterprise solutions
  • .NET CMS solutions
  • .NET web forms services
  • 3rd party customizations

With over 10+ years of .NET development and hundreds of projects completed, Marcel Digital has the expertise to handle any ASP.NET project you might need. 

Learn more about our ASP.NET development services.

Website Migrations

Redesigning or moving your website? Our Chicago-based web development experts can help you migrate your website from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and easy move. 

Our comprehensive migration strategy includes analysis of all of the following:

  • SEO considerations
  • Moving from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Changing the domain name
  • Changing URLs 
  • Changing your site navigation 
  • Migrating a part of a website 
  • Moving to a new server 
  • Moving to a new CMS or framework
  • Mobile version

Website migrations can be extremely risky from both a technical and SEO standpoint. Ensure you have the right team in your corner to maintain the integrity of your site authority and technical foundation. 

Learn more about Marcel Digital website migration solutions.

Hosting & Maintenance

Marcel Digital offers website hosting through certified partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Umbraco Cloud. We’ve hosted hundreds of small, medium, and enterprise sized websites through the years, and have maintained a consistent 99.999% uptime in the process. We ensure your website responds optimally to your end users, no matter where in the world they are accessing your website.

With our hosting & maintenance packages, you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 support from Marcel, Microsoft, and Umbraco
  • Load balancing (a fast loading website)
  • Automatic security and protection upgrades

Learn more about our hosting and maintenance solutions.

Custom Web App Development

Whether you’re in need of a custom web app to help manage your business or to provide a better experience for prospects and customers, Marcel Digital will work with your team to develop an easy-to-use and interactive solution tailored to your exact needs. We’ve built custom management applications that have helped to streamline internal processes and create efficiencies in workflow, reducing waste and improving employee workload. 

Our custom app development solutions include:

  • Business applications
  • Software integrations
  • Web portal development
  • Process automation
  • Team and franchise management
  • Custom tools and features

DevOps Consulting

Want to make changes to your website with a click and not have to worry about the hierarchy and red tape of multiple approvals? DevOps gives you full control over changes to your website and can optimize your development and delivery pipelines. Bring your content and website changes to market faster, using less resources and streamlining the approval process.

Benefits of DevOps consulting:

  • Cut costs
  • Make changes quicker and more efficiently
  • Improve quality and control

Marcel Digital will save your team time and money with our DevOps consulting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are website development services?

Website development services are a collection of offerings for individuals looking to build, redesign or improve the performance/capabilities of their website. These services are essential to creating and maintaining a website that successfully accomplishes its intended purpose, whether that is driving leads, producing sales, dispensing information, or supporting your customer base.

What do web development services include?

Web development services include a wide range of solutions but some of the more common are custom website development, web application development, responsive website design, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, creation of third-party integrations, supporting and maintaining your website, implementing tracking scripts, search engine optimization (SEO), and establishing a conversion strategy using tools such as Google Analytics.

How do you find a web development company?

You can find web development companies by searching Google, connecting with an acquaintance or contacting a business who has a website you like to get their feedback. Make sure to do your research on companies by reading reviews on Google and business directories like UpCity, as well as reviewing case studies of projects they have completed.

Headshot of Michael Duquet

I went with Marcel Digital over a larger - and much higher priced - competitor and it's one of the best decisions I've made. Marcel Digital are lovely people to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and approachable and willing to take the time to examine possible solutions that differ from how they would normally proceed. I value the partnership with their company and am planning on having our company be a client of theirs for years to come. Can't recommend them enough.

Michael Duquet / Director, Web Strategy / Absolute Software

Headshot of Ray Fast

Marcel was an excellent thought partner in the evaluation process as we considered major changes to our systems and website. They were willing to engage on many concerns and worries we had approaching the project. Thanks to their help, we felt confident that our concerns could be planned for, and that we had selected the right system for the changes we wanted to make. Their subject matter expertise and client care were exactly what we had hoped for.

Ray Fast / Director, Travel Experience / PerkSpot

Headshot of Kim Rafalowitz

Marcel Digital is simply the best Digital Marketing agency. We hired them years ago, and I can't say enough amazing things about their dedication to the field, to my team, and their phenomenal leadership team. Top-notch professionals all around.

Kim Rafalowitz / Dir. of Global Marketing / Worldpoint



Headshot of Dave Hamilton

I can't believe how simple Marcel Digital and Umbraco Cloud made it to get a beautiful and easy-to-use website. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

Dave Hamilton / Creative Director / StreetWise

Headshot of Mauricio Caneda

We are very pleased with the Umbraco website developed by Marcel Digital. Their Umbraco Master's transparent development process and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful website that has made a tremendous impact on our digital marketing efforts. They continue to be a valued partner and one we recommend without hesitation.

Mauricio Caneda / Sr. Vice President, Chief Information Officer & Director of Operations / Generali USA

Headshot of Diane Locher

Having a partnership with Marcel Digital has been a lifesaver for our business. We could not be happier with their work ethic, attention to detail, and superior expertise. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a talented, and trustworthy partner!

Diane Locher / Director of Sales and Marketing / Precision Medical

Megan Patterson at Arbour Group

Marcel has been a great a partner in our journey into the 21st century. They helped us to build a beautiful and functional Umbraco website, and have been there to help support us anytime a crisis arises. The increase in quality of leads was immediately recognized and anytime there was a change in lead flow our Marcel team was immediately there to offer suggestions and help us stay updated. We truly view Marcel as an extension of our team.

Megan Patterson / International Operations Manager / Arbour Group

Headshot of Andrew Barta

The overall experience of working with the Marcel team is outstanding. They have built a team of all-stars who are easy to communicate with and execute ideas effectively.

Andrew Barta / VP of Partner Relations / Umbraco HQ


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