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Updated B2B Manufacturing Website for Improved User Experience

Polyscience, a leader in temperature control solutions for a wide range of industries, partnered with Marcel Digital and design agency Celtic to redesign and redevelop the website on the latest version of the Umbraco CMS. In addition to implementing an updated design and user experience, the Marcel Digital team reconfigured the back office to allow for a more streamlined editing experience and simpler workflows.

What's going on?

The Challenge

Polyscience had already gone through an extensive discovery, wireframe, and design process with their agency of record, Celtic, to frame up the new website and execute on updated branding and product displays. The team needed an expert developer to transfer the designs seamlessly to the latest version of Umbraco, and to tie all of the page components to an easy-to-use back office for simple updates to the site.

The existing website did not offer much in the way of UX best practices, oftentimes resulting in a clunky user experience and inconsistent branding. It also did not showcase the products in a meaningful way and did not offer particularly engaging content.

How Marcel Digital Helped

The Solution

Since we were taking on a project that was already mid-stride, our first step was an extensive discovery with both teams to get a better sense of the history of the project and to determine the best path forward to meet client expectations and timelines.

We wanted to understand:

  • The history of the updated designs
  • Any components or functionality that were new to the site
  • Any integrations that would need to be included in the development, including new technology to showcase 3D versions of each product

This process included comprehensive sessions to discuss design direction and philosophy with Celtic and determine how specific sections of the site should work, and how they should interact with a user. We worked closely with the team to bring the designs to life, ensuring content components were accurately mapped to Umbraco and functioning correctly.

Compiling information, digesting the information, and incorporating into our development process was led by our integrated team of Project Management, Development, Resourcing, Content, and QA experts.

Continued optimization and growth

The Results

After translating the designs to the latest version of the Umbraco CMS, the newly updated design not only better showcased the brand and products, it made it easier for the Polyscience team to quickly and easily make updates to the site without the need for a development resource. The data continues to show improvements in user engagement, and will also inform future updates and iterations to the site.

We are continuing to improve the site, making adjustments based on real user data and engagement. In the meantime, the new site provides users with a more streamlined experience that better showcases the products, resources, and brand.

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