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Eliminating The Need For Development Resources In Event Landing Page Creation

Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company whose products are sold by 2.3 million independent distributors worldwide. Herbalife came to Marcel needing the ability to quickly create global event landing pages without manual coding, as well as the ability to promote these events into over 50 different languages.

Increase in page speed
Increase in page engagement

The Challenge

It’s not easy running a global brand. It’s even harder running a global brand that holds literally 1000s of events all year, all over the world. Extrapolate that to manually creating landing pages for each of these events, and you’re talking about a massive drain on your internal design, marketing, and development resources.

Herbalife needed a way to quickly and easily create different event landing pages that would pull from their existing events database and populate information in the proper areas on said landing page with automation. This freed up their design and development resources for other important internal tasks and expedited their event marketing efforts.

The Analysis

Marcel first took a closer look at exactly how Herbalife was creating event landing pages, involving our UX / usability and web development experts, as well as conducting interviews with key stakeholders at Herbalife. This process included researching the entire event landing page process from start to finish for Herbalife. We found that the process was incredibly manual, pulling members and resources from the Herbalife design, marketing, and development teams. Each event page was individually designed, content loaded, and developed, resulting in hours of work to create one single event page.

It was clear to Marcel that this process just wasn’t sustainable. Taking all of this information into account, we began developing a strategy that would first alleviate the tediousness of manually creating each individual event page, automatically populate event information onto the landing page, and giving content editors more control of moving event information around a page to suit their design needs. 

The Solution

Marcel Digital decided to take a three pronged approach to our strategy, focusing on:

  • Integration
  • Design
  • Development

In order to hit all three facets of our strategy, we needed to have a central location for content editors to go where they could pull information from the events database, could spin up an events landing page, and hit “publish” for that page to go live. We decided to leverage the Umbraco CMS as that central location, given its ability to integrate with a multitude of tools and software, and the ability to customize it to an end user’s exact needs.

Using Umbraco, we were able to create 7 different types of event templates that the Herbalife content editing team could choose from based on the event type. From there, Umbraco would pull event information from the Herbalife events database (such as dates, times, locations, etc) that would automatically populate on the landing page a content editor was creating. Once details imported, the Herbalife team could then click and drag event information around on the page, add new content, add color themes, and more, giving them full control of the landing page layout.

The best part? This was entirely built within Herbalife’s ecosystem, meaning they didn’t have to add any tools or solutions. Umbraco could easily integrate Herbalife’s database and give their team the ability to quickly create, move, and publish event landing page content with a few clicks.

The Results

The new events portal increased efficiency in Herbalife’s ability to quickly create and publish event landing pages with just a few clicks, while also substantially reducing the resources needed from the design and development teams to near zero. The marketing and content editing teams at Herbalife are now in full control of how a landing page will look and when it will be published. This means that we removed the need to rope in multiple members from multiple teams to create a single landing page. The process now can be handled by one team member, decreasing the amount of time and cost of creating and promoting landing pages for Herbalife events.

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