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Rebranded B2B Website for UX and Editor Ease-of-Use

iManage is a leading provider of work product management solutions, designed to help organizations streamline their secure document and email management processes. Marcel Digital was brought in to create a brand new website that better showcased the iManage suite of services, effectively engaged website users, and empowered the marketing team to quickly and efficiently make website updates. 

Why Did We Start the Project?

The Challenge

iManage came to us looking to update their website to a newer technology, an updated design, and a more intuitive user experience.

The existing website provided information on products and services, but the structure needed optimization, and the new site needed to better showcase the product suite to appeal to emerging markets.

The technology of the existing site was also outdated, making it difficult for internal teams to make adjustments to the website. This hindered the marketing team's ability to bring ideas to life and adjust to changing user needs.

Our team was brought on board to create a new site on the latest technology that would allow the marketing team to quickly make changes and build pages, to utilize data to optimize the website, and to create a user experience that encouraged users to engage and interact. 

How Marcel Digital Helped

The Solution

To start, both teams collaborated in a number of workshops to address the growing challenges of scaling teams and needs. This allowed us to develop a roadmap to directly address these challenges through research, design, and development, and to effectively coordinate with the iManage team. 

We then completed a comprehensive review of the Information Architecture (IA), working closely with the iManage team to create a new, updated IA that better aligned with user needs. This then informed the development of wireframes, and ultimately newly refreshed designs. Our team collaborated with the iManage branding and design team to develop pages that could be mapped to and managed by the Umbraco CMS, bringing new life to the iManage brand and suite of products. 

The new website was built using Umbraco, a user-friendly enterprise CMS that allowed us to develop the site exactly to iManage's specifications. 

Additionally, our integrated SEO team was brought in early throughout the project to ensure the site was setup utilizing SEO best practices and to implement a comprehensive migration strategy to mitigate SEO risk and to ensure that the website authority was transferred over when the new site launched. 

We also engaged the Analytics team to migrate their existing Google Analytics reporting to the latest version - GA4 - ensuring that crucial website metrics were tracked and measured accurately. 

What Happened After Launch?

The Results

The site launched showing immediate positive results. In the first 30 days after launch, traffic increased significantly over the same time period the previous year. Customers found the site more engaging as average time on site increased by nearly 10%. This enabled the iManage team to interact with potential customers even faster, providing a better experience for the user and iManage alike. The new site also gives more flexibility and control to the marketing team as they are able to make changes, create pages, and publish content quickly and efficiently. 

We are excited to see how the website continues to grow, and are delighted to continue our work with the iManage team to build a site that will grow with its customers' and team's needs. 

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