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B2B Website Development that Gets Results

You Know B2B. We Know B2B Websites.

Your website is more than just an online brochure—it's a hub for strategic operations, marketing campaigns, and client engagement. B2B websites in particular must integrate with a number of best-in-class technologies to ensure an experience that is as unique as your customers and their needs.

At Marcel Digital, we specialize in B2B web development services, understanding that creating a robust online presence for B2B companies goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about building a high-performing, SEO-optimized platform that resonates with your audience and aligns with your business objectives.

Why Marcel Digital for Your B2B Web Development Needs?

We've been building websites for B2B organizations for over 20 years. Our approach is unique because it’s holistic; we believe in integrating highly skilled experts and departments to craft websites that are not only visually stunning, but also SEO-optimized and data-driven from the get-go. Our sites are fast, secure, and tailored to your audience; the way a website should be. 

Unmatched Expertise with Umbraco

Umbraco’s flexibility, scalability, and security make it an excellent choice for B2B websites, and our developers are masters. As an Umbraco Gold Partner of over 10 years, Marcel Digital stands at the forefront of B2B web development. Our certified experts aren't just incredible developers; they are active contributors to the Umbraco community, staying ahead of the curve to provide you with innovative, scalable solutions.

Built-In SEO and Analytics Expertise

Our integrated approach is what sets us apart. When our web development team collaborates with our in-house SEO and analytics experts, the result is a seamless, data-driven experience that not only looks impressive, but also delivers measurable results. This integration ensures that your new website is crafted with the latest SEO strategies in mind and that every interaction is tracked, analyzed, and optimized to continually improve website performance. 

Our B2B Development Service Spectrum

Marcel Digital offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet the need of every B2B website development project:

Custom Website Development

Unleash the full potential of your online presence with our Custom Website Development service. Our approach combines the latest technologies with a deep understanding of your business needs to craft bespoke web solutions that drive results. We build not just websites, but digital experiences that are robust, scalable, and uniquely suited to support your business objectives. Our team ensures that every aspect of your website, from the backend to the frontend, is meticulously designed to enhance your operational efficiency and provide a compelling user experience for your clients.

Umbraco Cloud Hosting

Experience the pinnacle of hosting with our Umbraco Cloud solutions. Designed for security, scalability, and adaptability, our hosting environment meets the rigorous demands of B2B operations. Benefit from unparalleled uptime, automated updates, and a global CDN that ensures your business is accessible and swift, no matter where your clients are.

uSkinned Themes

Step into a world of aesthetic excellence with uSkinned Themes for Umbraco. These themes are not just visually appealing but are meticulously crafted to align with your brand's unique identity. They provide a foundation that’s both functional and flexible, allowing you to captivate your audience with a site that’s as efficient as it is elegant.

Azure Migration Services

Transition to the cloud with confidence using our Azure Migration Services. We offer a streamlined pathway to Microsoft's powerful cloud platform, ensuring minimal disruption with maximum performance gain. Embrace a hosting environment that promises enterprise-level security, resilience, and the ability to scale effortlessly as your business grows.

Composable DXP Services

Forge your path with our Composable Digital Experience Platform services. These platforms give you the agility to construct a customized user journey, integrating various services and applications into a cohesive experience that propels engagement and drives conversion. It’s the ultimate control center for a B2B marketer.

Headless CMS Development

Embrace the future with our Headless CMS solutions. By decoupling the back end from the front end, we provide a content management system that paves the way for omnichannel content delivery. This approach ensures your content is ready to be deployed across any platform or device, giving you the edge in a multi-touchpoint digital ecosystem.

UX & Usability

Our UX & Usability services put your users at the heart of the website development process. We craft interfaces that are intuitive and user-friendly, minimizing friction and enhancing the user journey. By focusing on the user, we create digital experiences that not only meet but exceed user expectations, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Web Design

Our B2B Web Design services translate your company’s essence into a digital format. We combine creative talent with digital strategy to create designs that are not only visually stunning but also functional and aligned with your business goals. Engage and inspire your customers with a website that reflects the best of your brand.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

With our Website Hosting & Maintenance services, your digital presence is in expert hands. We provide continuous, reliable performance for your website, ensuring it remains up-to-date, secure, and efficient. Relieve your team of the technical burden with our support, and focus on what you do best - growing your business.

Website Migration Services

Our Website Migration Services ensure a seamless transition during website upgrades or platform changes with zero loss in SEO performance. We safeguard your online visibility while enhancing your site's infrastructure, so your digital growth remains uninterrupted.

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Dive deeper into our expertise as an Umbraco Gold Partner and discover how we can drive success for your business with our tailored web development solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B stands for "Business-to-Business," which is a form of transaction or business conducted between one business and another, rather than between a business and individual consumers (B2C). B2B typically involves wholesale trade, where one business sells products or services to another business. This can include a vast array of interactions such as selling software, hardware, industrial machinery, services, or any other materials or tools needed for a company to operate and grow.

In web development, B2B refers to solutions and strategies designed for websites that cater to businesses as their primary clientele, rather than individual consumers. This entails creating platforms that support the specific needs of businesses, such as lead generation, professional service offerings, product information management, and customer relationship systems. B2B web development focuses on functionality, scalability, and integration with other business systems to facilitate efficient B2B transactions and communications.

When choosing a B2B web development company, prioritize a firm with a robust portfolio in B2B solutions, technical expertise, and a clear understanding of B2B challenges. Look for customization options, strong SEO and analytics capabilities, and reliable post-launch support. Client testimonials and direct references can offer valuable insight into the company’s track record. Ensure clear and consistent communication and make sure the company’s strategic approach aligns with your business goals for a partnership that will not just deliver a website, but foster your business growth.

Marcel Digital stands out due to our holistic, integrated approach that fuses the technical expertise of web development with in-depth SEO and analytics insights from the beginning of each project. As a certified Umbraco Gold Partner, we offer unparalleled expertise in this flexible, secure CMS. Our team’s active contribution to the Umbraco community and commitment to staying ahead of industry trends ensure that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific business objectives.

We are proud of our extensive portfolio of B2B projects that have driven growth and digital transformation for our clients. Some highlights include our work for Polyscience, where we significantly enhanced user experience and lead generation, and our collaboration with Medius and WAV, which showcased our ability to create high-performing, SEO-optimized platforms. Detailed case studies can be found here, providing insights into our approach and the measurable results we've achieved.

SEO is at the core of our web development process. By integrating our web development experts with our in-house SEO and analytics teams, we ensure that every website we build is optimized from the ground up. This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO best practices, and the creation of SEO-friendly content. Our strategy is to build websites that not only look great but also rank well in search engines and drive traffic and leads to your business.

Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) known for its flexibility, user-friendliness, and strong security features. It’s ideal for B2B companies because it can be customized to fit complex business requirements while being straightforward for non-technical users to manage. Marcel Digital specializes in Umbraco due to its scalability and robustness, which allows us to build bespoke websites that are both powerful and easy to maintain. Our Gold Partner status is a testament to our deep expertise and experience in delivering superior Umbraco-based web solutions.

Headshot of Michael Duquet

I went with Marcel Digital over a larger - and much higher priced - competitor and it's one of the best decisions I've made. Marcel Digital are lovely people to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and approachable and willing to take the time to examine possible solutions that differ from how they would normally proceed. I value the partnership with their company and am planning on having our company be a client of theirs for years to come. Can't recommend them enough.

Michael Duquet / Director, Web Strategy / Absolute Software

Headshot of Ray Fast

Marcel was an excellent thought partner in the evaluation process as we considered major changes to our systems and website. They were willing to engage on many concerns and worries we had approaching the project. Thanks to their help, we felt confident that our concerns could be planned for, and that we had selected the right system for the changes we wanted to make. Their subject matter expertise and client care were exactly what we had hoped for.

Ray Fast / Director, Travel Experience / PerkSpot

Headshot of Kim Rafalowitz

Marcel Digital is simply the best Digital Marketing agency. We hired them years ago, and I can't say enough amazing things about their dedication to the field, to my team, and their phenomenal leadership team. Top-notch professionals all around.

Kim Rafalowitz / Dir. of Global Marketing / Worldpoint



Headshot of Dave Hamilton

I can't believe how simple Marcel Digital and Umbraco Cloud made it to get a beautiful and easy-to-use website. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

Dave Hamilton / Creative Director / StreetWise

Headshot of Mauricio Caneda

We are very pleased with the Umbraco website developed by Marcel Digital. Their Umbraco Master's transparent development process and attention to detail resulted in a beautiful website that has made a tremendous impact on our digital marketing efforts. They continue to be a valued partner and one we recommend without hesitation.

Mauricio Caneda / Sr. Vice President, Chief Information Officer & Director of Operations / Generali USA

Headshot of Diane Locher

Having a partnership with Marcel Digital has been a lifesaver for our business. We could not be happier with their work ethic, attention to detail, and superior expertise. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a talented, and trustworthy partner!

Diane Locher / Director of Sales and Marketing / Precision Medical

Megan Patterson at Arbour Group

Marcel has been a great a partner in our journey into the 21st century. They helped us to build a beautiful and functional Umbraco website, and have been there to help support us anytime a crisis arises. The increase in quality of leads was immediately recognized and anytime there was a change in lead flow our Marcel team was immediately there to offer suggestions and help us stay updated. We truly view Marcel as an extension of our team.

Megan Patterson / International Operations Manager / Arbour Group

Headshot of Andrew Barta

The overall experience of working with the Marcel team is outstanding. They have built a team of all-stars who are easy to communicate with and execute ideas effectively.

Andrew Barta / VP of Partner Relations / Umbraco HQ


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