There are many myths surrounding paid search, knowing them can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. I’ve highlighted 8 myths that I’ve heard several times over my years working in Digital Marketing. Take a look, and hopefully you walk away knowing something you didn’t before. Feel free to comment with a question or to add your own myth!

Myth 1: The more you spend, the better you rank

Your Quality Score is what you should be focusing on to increase your rank. Simply raising bids to increase positioning is lazy and could very well be costing you money.

Myth 2: We can see everything your competitors are bidding on and there’s no overlap

This just flat out isn’t true. It is not possible to see what competitors are bidding on in AdWords. There are some great reports you can use to see general trends on keywords, but exact data is a myth.

Myth 3: We put all industry related keywords into one ad set to make sure we don’t miss anything

This is red flag that whoever is building out your account is a rookie. The more specific you can get with ad sets, the better. It is important to tie your keywords directly to ads that lead to highly targeted landing pages. Putting all keywords in one ad set will create a poor user experience and cost you money.

Myth 4: PPC will solve your conversion drought instantly

PPC is a great tool for your Search Engine Marketing efforts and it can definitely play a role producing conversions, but running a PPC campaign won't single-handedly solve your businesses lead problems. A solid combination of SEO, PPC, CRO, and web development is usually the best route to get your website back to being a lead machine!

Myth 5: You got a huge number of leads/sales last week, and now that will be true for every week moving forward

Many factors go into producing conversions which causes volatility, especially over the course of a day or week. Seasonal trends, other forms of advertising, small sample size randomness, and competition changes can all contribute to a fluctuation in conversion numbers. There will always be a flux in leads, it’s a matter of finding out what is working on improving on it.

Myth 6: We’ll only bring in high quality leads for you

Yes, this is the main goal and you can get close to achieving this goal, but the fact of the matter is, there will always be a number of irrelevant leads that come in if you have a lead-producing website. The best thing you can do is build up your negative keyword list to weed out any possible unwanted ad clicks and monitor match types to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities.

Myth 7: Google Adwords is the only option for PPC

Adwords is great platform with a huge volume of traffic, but there are other platforms out there. Bing, for example, covers the next largest search engine and will sometimes produce high quality traffic at a lower cost than Google. There are other options if you are looking to expand your reach!

Myth 8: It’s best to set up the campaign with automated rules and then let the account run it’s course. Set it and forget it!

When has this ever been the case with anything? Automated rules are fine as long as they are being paired with human eyes - watching over your account daily. Simply setting up automated rules and letting the account run its course will most certainly result in lost opportunity and inefficiencies in budget spend.