Digital Marketing & Web Development Insights

The Google Bean Bag

Friday February 27, 2015
2015-02-27) No, it's not a new Google algorithm update. It's literally a bean bag. From Google. That we sit on.

10 Facts About YouTube That Will Blow Your Mind

Thursday February 26, 2015
2015-02-26) YouTube has a rather big anniversary this month, so in celebration we thought we'd toss together some of the most mind-boggling facts you've ever heard. YouTube is a lot bigger than you thought, and the proof is in the pudding (so to speak.)

Articles You Should Read: Week of 2/23

Wednesday February 25, 2015
2015-02-25) Figuring out how to gauge how you are doing on content, a complete guide to SEO stuff you should think about when launching a site, and one of the most comprehensive competitive analysis articles we've seen in a while top the list for articles you should be reading this week!

Why You Need Testimonials Right Now

Monday February 23, 2015
2015-02-23) Testimonials are so horribly, inexcusably underutilized. See the benefits of using customer testimonials and how to get the right people talking about your products.

You’ve Never Heard of Website Optimization, But You Will

Friday February 20, 2015
2015-02-20) Search Engine Optimization you ask? No. Conversion Rate Optimization? No. Conversion Path Optimization? No. Website Optimization.

Articles You Should Read: Week of 2/16

Wednesday February 18, 2015
2015-02-18) Google's science fair opens submissions, the importance of information architecture on your site, and how paid media investments can bring you value are all on the list for articles you should be reading this week.

5 Tips For Successful Web Project Planning

Monday February 16, 2015
2015-02-16) Even under the best conditions, managing web projects can be difficult. These tips can help any business manage their projects with their web vendors.

The Bulls Win! (And Other Adventures)

Friday February 13, 2015
2015-02-13) The Marcel Digital crew took an adventure to the Bulls game this past Tuesday for some much needed relaxing time.

Articles You Should Read: Week of 2/9

Wednesday February 11, 2015
2015-02-11) Persistent SEO questions answered, how to write an awesome blog post, and steps to justifying mobile usability are all on the list for articles you should be reading this week.

Make Your Site Amazingly Mobile Responsive With Bootstrap

Monday February 9, 2015
2015-02-09) Whether commuting, laying on the comfort of your bed, waiting to be served in a coffee shop, or simply going through a normal day, with the rise of mobile technology, users can easily access and browse websites on their phones or tablets.