On-site SEO

On-site SEO

What does it mean to have an optimized on-site experience? It’s certainly changed over the years. To maintain an optimized experience through on-site SEO means to consider your domain and URL, your mobile experience, the usability of your site, the information architecture, and the function of multimedia. Our suite of SEO tools helps us ensure all of these are addressed to facilitate optimization across your site.


On-site Audits

The beginning of any SEO campaign includes a full on-site audit of your website. These audits cover the gambit of the information architecture you’ll need to maintain on your site. Whether it’s title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, schema, multimedia assets, or URLs, our on-site audits are able to uncover optimization opportunities that will help create increased visibility for your site. Audits are also frequently performed on your site to ensure continued SEO best practices. 


Pagespeed Tool

Pagespeed was announced as a ranking factor in 2010, so it is imperative to incorporate faster load times into your website strategy. As your SEO company, it is our job to make sure you are following best practices to have the optimal speed for your page loads. We will provide recommendations and help identify opportunities to condense files on your site, minimize code, or resize images. Don’t let pagespeed issues slow down your organic growth.


Mobile Experience Analyzer

What’s the difference between a responsive design and a mobile optimized experience? A responsive design means that your site adapts to a mobile or tablet viewport, but it doesn’t mean the layout is optimal for mobile use. With our mobile experience tool, we’re able to help identify opportunities to create a mobile experience individually suited for various viewports.


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What Our Customers Think

Your honest and open approach to SEO was refreshing, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your direct communication regarding realistic SEO expectations. Your team worked with us to fulfill our goals and needs, while leaving the integrity of the site and our vision intact.

- Sarna B. Lee, Gold Dust Partners

Over the past several months, your work has more than doubled our overall website traffic. The people who come to our site stay longer and view more pages than ever before. Your company has also become a steady lead generation source, producing hundreds of qualified leads each month.

- Matt Rudnick, Residential Loan Centers of America

We used Marcel to help audit and improve our Google Analytics setup. They presented and executed a solid plan for making sure we were accurately tracking the metrics that were most important to our business. Everyone I worked with was very smart, accommodating, and easy to work with. Marcel Digital should be on (and probably at the very top) of any shortlist of agencies you're considering for this type of work.

- Nick Altmann, Kapow

It is a pleasure to work with your staff. They have been responsive and courteous from day one. They listened to what Doral wanted to accomplish and took the time to build a customized campaign. The results are obvious.

- Peg O'Shea, Doral Michigan Avenue

Marcel Digital has produced infinitely more subscribers for us than radio, magazines, and newspapers. I wish I would have known, because I would have taken every penny from those budgets and reallocated to you. Marcel Digital is doing an amazing job!

- Andrew G. Athy, The Dilectio Group, Inc.