Digital Marketing & Web Development Insights

Foolproofing Your Analytics For 2019

Wednesday November 21, 2018
2018-11-21) Site analytics aren’t just for tracking your site visitors’ behavior. Proper use of analytics can also help increase sales, reduce marketing budget waste and enable better focusing on your target audience needs.

Where to Focus SEO Efforts in 2019

Tuesday November 13, 2018
2018-11-13) When you boil it down, SEO isn't all that complex once you understand that you need to put people before algorithms. Here's where and how you can turn your website into a SEO powerhouse in 2019.

Drive More Traffic and Leads Using Social Ads

Thursday October 25, 2018
2018-10-25) With billions of active users across all social media platforms, business owners can leverage their online presence to drive more traffic and leads using social ad campaigns. Here's how you do it.

Umbraco US Festival 2018: Conference Recap

Monday October 22, 2018
2018-10-22) A recap, complete with pictures and VIPs, of the Umbraco US Festival 2018 that we had the pleasure of co-hosting here in Chicago.

10 Traits of Awesome Conversion & Website Testing Experts

Tuesday September 18, 2018
2018-09-18) If your goal is to increase your web page conversion rate, engage in the practice of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). There is a science and art to becoming a CRO expert. Take a close look at these

How to Use Content Templates in Umbraco

Tuesday September 11, 2018
2018-09-11) If there is one thing that web developers hate, it’s being asked to do tedious tasks over and over again. If there is one thing that marketers and content editors hate, it’s waiting on the completion

What Is URL Tagging & How Do I Do It?

Thursday September 6, 2018
2018-09-06) Google Analytics is a great way to analyze your traffic at a high level, but you can take this data a level deeper to quickly zero in on specific pieces of marketing materials and assets to see their performance and engagement. One way to do this is to leverage UTM tagging for links in your marketing efforts.

Everything You Need to Know About the Umbraco CMS

Thursday August 23, 2018
2018-08-23) Since 2010, Marcel Digital has been developing and maintaining websites of all sizes on Umbraco. We trust it so much to help us build beautiful websites that we decided to become leaders in the

Is Your Web Design Doing More Harm Than Good?

Tuesday August 21, 2018
2018-08-21) Every business owner knows that high engagement with their website translates as happier customers and more sales. But what about our web design influences whether or not we see higher levels of engagement, or worse, none?

How to Create Valuable User-Focused Content

Tuesday August 7, 2018
2018-08-07) In the modern economy, content marketing is key. Shoppers are bombarded with ads on a daily basis, leading them to tune out traditional marketing. Content lets you break through this noise, capture audience, and give real insights.