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Umbraco 8 Has Been Released!

Big things are happening in 2019 and today, Tuesday, February 26th, is no different. It's with much excitement and pride that we announce our dear friends and partners at Umbraco have finally released the long awaited v8 - otherwise known as Umbraco 8, Umbraco Version 8, Umbraco v8, etc. 

What Is Umbraco 8?

The Umbraco CMS is already the number 1 full-featured .NET open-source content management system on the planet, and version 8 makes "The Friendly CMS" easier and better than ever! With Umbraco 8, businesses of any size will be able to build custom websites, apps, and other digital assets, that more effectively deliver content to attract, inform, and convert their most coveted target audiences and prospects!

It doesn't matter if you're a developer, marketer, or content editor - Umbraco 8 will give you full control over the digital web experience that you're looking to give your audiences. From new features to integrations, Umbraco 8 gives you the ability to create the branded universe you want, every time.

What Can I Expect From Umbraco 8?

All of the great features you already know and love from the Umbraco CMS, but better - and more! We wrote a blog post about a month ago called Umbraco 8: What We're Most Excited About where we broke down features that we are most, well, excited about. Those include:

  • Variants - Allowing for properties in the content to change based on a specific criteria which the new language experience leverages.
  • Infinite Editing - A frictionless editing experience that allows you to edit pieces of content and media in once place without clicking around your CMS, costing you time and sanity.
  • Content Apps - Add a tab to a piece of content or media items in the editing interface of Umbraco, creating apps that are specific to the piece of content or media item that they live on. (Think in-page editing scratch pad, site previews, analytics, live chat, search results and more!)

But these aren't all the new features that Umbraco 8 will include! Say you have a global market and you need to ensure that your multilingual content is being delivered from one place in your CMS. That's no longer a problem - Umbraco 8 comes with Language Variants, a brand spankin' new feature that allows for multilingual content to be housed in one spot in your CMS. What does this mean?

The Umbraco 7 experience required the user to build separate content trees for each language with no visible link between the content in each language. Now with Umbraco 8, the languages for a specific piece of content can all live to together, giving a more cohesive experience and ability the to toggle between the languages created.

Here's a screenshot direct from Umbraco:

Umbraco 8 backend

This is yet another feature that removes the headaches and time of tracking down, editing, and publishing multiple pieces of language content all over your CMS.

But no matter your business or site needs, Umbraco is still the open-source content management system that can integrate with any tool or solution you need to be successful. From CRMs to Google Analytics to marketing automation or custom Umbraco packages, whatever you need can be done!

How Do I Get On Umbraco 8?

It's easy! If you want, his us up for a demo, and we can show you how the Umbraco Masters at Marcel Digital can use Umbraco 8 to bring your brand vision to life with a brand new website on version 8. If you're already on Umbraco and want to upgrade to Umbraco 8, you can have your site migrated! In fact, we can build the Umbraco 8 instance on which the site will live on, and Umbraco will migrate your content, media, and members for you!

What If I Want A Demo or Have Questions?

You came to the right place - did you know that we are one of the original Umbraco Gold Partners in the United States? We staff Umbraco Masters, Developers, and Professionals who can answer any of the questions you may have about Umbraco or Umbraco 8, and can also help developmaintain, or migrate your website as well! We can also give you a personalized branded demo of Umbraco 8! Shoot us a message and we will get right back to you!

In that spirit - HAPPY UMBRACO 8 DAY AND #H5YR!

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