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Top 3 Ways to Study for the AdWords Exam

Tuesday November 25, 2014
2014-11-25) If you are brand new to the AdWords exam or if you are looking to get re-certified, you’ll want to start preparing for the AdWords exam with the right tools. Check out the top 3 ways to get studying for your exam today!

Google Benchmarking: All You Need to Know

Thursday November 20, 2014
2014-11-20) Learn all about the ins and outs of Google Benchmarking as a way to measure your performance against sites within a similar vertical, in the same location, of a similar size. This brand new feature is now available in Google Analytics.

What to Consider When Building a New Keyword List: A Beginner’s Guide

Tuesday November 11, 2014
2014-11-11) If you’ve been tasked with creating a keyword list from scratch, you might be scratching your head as to where to start. Developing a quality keyword list with little information can sometimes prove to be difficult.

Let Data Drive Decision Making

Thursday November 6, 2014
2014-11-06) There’s a simple answer to all of your marketing questions. It’s not something you can read in a magazine or hear in a podcast. It’s something right before your eyes, yet may be beyond your reach.

Marcel Does Halloween 2014!

Tuesday November 4, 2014
2014-11-04) In keeping with tradition and welcoming a handful of new employees, Marcel decided to celebrate Halloween in the only way we know how: awesomely.

5 Awesome Website Optimization Tools

Tuesday October 21, 2014
2014-10-21) Check out 5 great tools to help get you started on optimizing your website. These tools will help you increase your conversion rates by understanding how visitors engage with your website.

How Your Personal Brand Can Influence Traffic to a Business Website

Wednesday October 15, 2014
2014-10-15) Your personal brand is a much more powerful tool than you think. Building up yourself can help influence traffic to you or your company's website in ways that traditional advertising cannot.

Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy

Wednesday September 3, 2014
2014-09-03) Your website’s organic presence depends more and more on the short and long-term impact of content marketing. Search engines and social networks thrive on fresh content and the more great content you put out, the higher likelihood that you’ll grow your traffic, social shares, and links over time.

The 9 Sketchiest SEO Moves of All Time

Monday August 11, 2014
2014-08-11) SEO used to literally be the wild west. The meanest and the baddest outlaws found ways to cheat the system, and they profited from it. Boy, did they profit from it.

In-Depth Content Ranks with Google

Tuesday June 10, 2014
2014-06-10) Did you know that 80 percent of SEOs think they should be working “more” or “much more” closely with writers and marketing team members? Google recently announced search will help users find in-depth articles, not just basic information.