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Starting Your First Blog: Tips and Tricks

Tuesday May 19, 2015
2015-05-19) Content is so very absolutely important. People read content to answer questions, learn new tips and tricks, and understand topics more completely.

Articles You Should Read: Week of 5/11/15

Wednesday May 13, 2015
2015-05-13) A great resource from Google, tips on how to organize your website, and a giant increase in how to videos on YouTube all make their way on to the list of articles you should read this week!

Get Your PageSpeed Under Control With Our New Tool

Thursday May 7, 2015
2015-05-07) There is nothing more frustrating as a user than coming to a site that just won't load. You desperately want to find the information you're looking for only to see a loading spinner or images that move slower than dial-up on AOL. But if you have a slow website, the user isn't the only one you're frustrating.

5 Amazing Web Design Tools You Need Right Now

Monday May 4, 2015
2015-05-04) Every web designer has a toolkit, or an arsenal of weapons, they use to attack every project. The most well-known of these tools are generally Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but there are a number of additional tools and software that can help you take your project to the next level!

5 Simple Work Life Balance Tips

Wednesday April 29, 2015
2015-04-29) The average person will spend over 90,000 hours working in their lifetime. That’s almost 10 years of your life just working! Check out these 5 simple work life balance tips to keep your work from taking over your life.

Reduce Form Submission Spam With Honey Pot

Monday April 27, 2015
2015-04-27) Do you receive numerous submissions from your contact forms? Are some of these submissions unnecessary and considered as spam? Check out this simple way to reduce unnecessary spam on your form submissions with honey pot!

Articles You Should Read: Week of 4/20

Wednesday April 22, 2015
2015-04-22) This week's articles are all about the buzz and dread of the Google Mobile Algorithm Update (or GMUA as I like to call it which doesn't have any sort of ring to it at all.) See what's going on in the world of mobile this past week with our article round-up!

7 Point Comprehensive Website Health Check

Monday April 20, 2015
2015-04-20) When was the last time you gave your website a comprehensive health and maintenance check? Whether you are about to launch a new site, your site is a few months or years old, your site can benefit from health check as well as set a benchmark for later comparisons.

6 Reasons We Love Responsive Sites (And Why You Should Too!)

Wednesday April 15, 2015
2015-04-15) With the Google mobile update on its way in the upcoming weeks, there is one questions that gets consistently asked: Is it better to have a responsive design or a separate mobile site? We run through all of the benefits so you don't have to!

Creating a HTML Helper in C# to prevent FOUC in Knockout

Thursday April 9, 2015
2015-04-09) If you're a computer guy/gal and you want some real tricks with meat on the bone, we're looking to give you some development tips that you can use. Check out this trick to fix flashes of unstyled content before all of the pieces of the web page pop into place. Not coincidentally, this is called flash of unstyled content (FOUC).