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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Umbraco as Your Website CMS

Choosing a content management system (CMS) is never an easy task when undergoing a website development or web design project. Not only are there countless CMS options to choose from, but the features to consider go even farther, and it can be hard to distinguish one CMS from another. At Marcel Digital, we’ve been through the entire decision process with clients and have worked with countless CMSs because of it. But there has always been one CMS that we came running back to time and time again with open arms – and that CMS is called Umbraco.​

When asked by clients and prospects why we choose to work with Umbraco as opposed to other big brand name CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, our answers vary within a thematic spectrum depending on an individual client’s needs and projects, but they always come back​ within a spectrum depending on that client’s needs and project, but they always come back to the basics of what we believe makes a great website. Umbraco gives us that exact ability – the ability to create great websites.

But there’s a lot of depth to our response, and we want to discuss it more fully. As Umbraco experts, here's why we love and choose the Umbraco CMS.​

It’s An Open Canvas

Umbraco is an open-source and flexible CMS that has always allowed Marcel Digital (and countless developers across the globe) to create websites that bring our clients’ visions to life. With Umbraco, we’ve never had to tell a design partner or a client’s in-house design team to hold back or limit their mockups – whatever they dream up, Umbraco can make it a reality. No matter how grandiose or stylistically minima your designs or layouts, you’re able to implement the website experience that bests suits your needs – and wants – using Umbraco.​

Even if you’re a small shop or don’t have a large design budget, there are numerous easy-to-use and edit themes available that you can quickly put up and start filling with content. Our favorite source to recommend for great modern and clean themes for you is uSkinned.

It Saves Your Money

Umbraco has given us the ability to save our clients a ton of money, which often means budgets can be reallocated for greater impact elsewhere. By selecting Umbraco for our clients, we have rebuilt backend systems to streamline business processes and boost sales through checkout functionalities, effectively alleviating huge pain points.​ We are able to do this because Umbraco enables simple integration of the best-in-class third-party tools that clients need most to run their business, like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Marketo! Also, with Umbraco, there is no unnecessary licensing fee, meaning you’re not paying some ambiguous fee to run your website as you do with other CMSs!

It’s Easy to Learn​

There’s a quick learning curve while onboarding your team to Umbraco.​ There’s really even no need for an instruction manual! With a straightforward backend dashboard where content editors can quickly login to edit and update content with a few clicks, Umbraco is easy to use and intuitive for even the most novice of website owners and content loaders. But let’s say you are in need of a little training, Umbraco offers numerous training courses and documentation resources to help you get the most out of your website and your marketing efforts. In fact, Umbraco even offers on-site training, customizing and tailoring your training sessions to your exact needs.

We can also honestly say that the team at Umbraco HQ and the worldwide community of Umbraco developers are second to none, making onboarding to the Umbraco CMS easy, accessible, and straightforward. With a team like this behind you, you’ll never feel in the dark.

It’s Scalable

You’ll never need another CMS ever again. No matter how big your business or website gets, no matter how much traffic you get from all of your awesome marketing efforts, Umbraco will grow with it. It’s used to run countless sites worldwide, from the smallest brochure websites to the biggest Fortune 500 enterprise-level websites. Numerous companies and brands use Umbraco to host their website, including Microsoft, Vogue, Heinz, AirWick, Costa, and many, many more. So you can rest easy knowing that no matter how large or small your operation, Umbraco can handle whatever you throw at it and scale with you.

Again, there are many reasons why we use Umbraco, but these four represent the core of our decision to partner with Umbraco. At Marcel Digital, we’re about creating world-class websites that meet and exceed our client’s goals, both from a marketing and development standpoint. That’s why when someone asks who is our CMS of choice when we build or redesign websites, there’s no hesitation – we choose Umbraco.

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