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SEKO Logistics and Marcel Digital to Present at Ignite USA 2023

Mark your calendars! Marcel Digital's Chief of Strategy, Kyle Brigham, will be joining SEKO Logistics' Chief Growth Officer, Brian Bourke, at the B2B Ignite conference in Chicago on Tuesday, May 23rd at 2:20 pm to discuss how the two organizations have worked together to achieve aggressive growth through collaborative marketing efforts.

The presentation, titled "Creating a unified, integrated global marketing team for one of America's fastest growing companies," will focus on how SEKO, a leading global B2B logistics organization, has been able to create, lead, and maintain an expert marketing team in a hyper-focused environment.

Managing multiple partners to drive bottom-line results can be challenging, but SEKO has been successful in creating a collaborative environment and structured workstreams to clearly define roles and responsibilities. By identifying opportunities for cross-partner collaboration, optimizing workflows, and executing strategies cohesively across teams, SEKO has achieved its aggressive growth goals.

SEKO and Marcel Digital teams work together regularly to execute campaigns and evergreen strategies. For example, SEO integrates with PR to capitalize on linking opportunities and content, while Paid Social works with Design to create and approve imagery. Paid Media collaborates with Web Dev to create and optimize landing pages. All teams have clearly defined workstreams to ensure maximum efficiency.

The key to achieving big goals is tight execution. Ensuring that the proper teams, processes, and governance are in place is the only way to grow effectively and with purpose. By leveraging collaborative marketing efforts, SEKO and Marcel Digital have achieved success in driving growth and delivering bottom-line results.

Reserve your Ignite USA 2023 tickets to learn how SEKO and Marcel Digital have achieved aggressive growth through collaborative marketing efforts, and how you can apply these strategies to your own organization. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend sessions from a variety of b2b marketers in other industries, so don’t wait!

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