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Screaming Frog Version 4: What's New

by Patrick Delehanty 23 Jul, 2015

Scream Frog

I don’t usually write about updates to tools, because someone else will cover it, or I’m just adding noise. This week, I got one of the most exciting emails I’ve ever received from a marketing effort: The announcement of Screaming Frog SEO Spider Version 4. Before I tell you why version 4 is so awesome, let me tell you a little bit about Screaming Frog.

What Is Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool?

This is a tool, which by now, most SEOs use. It allows you to crawl through a website to ad hoc analyze a multitude of onsite seo items on a website. The crawler makes what would be a manual, arduous process extremely easy.

The one thing the tool didn’t do previously, was make it easy to prioritize the pages that needed updating.

What Changed?

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, now allows you to integrate your Google Analytics API information allowing for a couple key analyses:

  • You can now more easily prioritize changes by volume of organic traffic.
  • You can now more easily run a correlative analysis on on-site metrics vs. impact on organic traffic.

As a data junkie, I am particularly excited to be able to run experiments more efficiently. No more crazy work trying to match URLs to data in custom set ups.

Tools like this are helping our industry move into data-driven marketers. One more exciting step forward into understanding the ROI of the changes we make to our site in the name of increased user value!

Check out the Screaming Frog website to learn more information and try it out for yourself!

Patrick Delehanty - Marketing Manager, Marcel Digital

Patrick Delehanty

Patrick Delehanty has as much knowledge in the digital space as he has beard hairs. He is the highest endorsed member of Moz and a contributor to Business 2 Community.