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Optimizing Your Mobile Experience for Paid Media

Now that the third decade of the 21st century is officially underway, developing a mobile paid media strategy is more crucial than ever for marketers. However, it’s not enough to just develop a strategy. It must deliver the return on investment (ROI) you expect or even exceed it. Fortunately, you have several options available to you to help meet the goal. If you share the goal of every marketer to increase your ROI, we think you will find the five opportunities below quite useful.

Use Attribution Models

An attribution model is an option you can select in your Google Ads account to determine how much credit to assign to each click from the same customer. This is important because most customers make multiple clicks on their buying journey before finally making a purchase. By making attribution models part of your campaign, you can decide if you would like to credit the customer’s first click, last click, or a combination of clicks.

The greatest benefit of using attribution models is that it gives you deeper insight into ad performance to allow you to optimize each customer’s path from browsing for information to buying from your company. Additionally, you can only use this feature on Google Analytics, import conversion actions, phone call, and website.

Leverage Click to Call

According to a June 2019 Pew Research Study, 81 percent of Americans own smartphones and 96 percent own cell phones. Marketers simply cannot afford to ignore these numbers. Not only do people carry them everywhere, those who own smartphones rely on them to look up information and contact businesses on the go.

When you enable the click to call feature on your mobile website, potential customers only need to push a button to connect with your business. That means no more trying to remember the number for later or frantically searching for a pen and paper to write it down. The call comes directly from the website the customer searched with no need to click through to anything else.

You may wish to consider optimizing your mobile campaigns in this manner if your business sells big-ticket items or relies on a high volume of calls to meet its sales goals. The easier you make it for potential customers to reach you, the faster they move through the sales funnel and onto a purchase.

Enable Cross-Device Tracking

Google Ads offers a feature called cross-device reports that enables you to pull data from customer interactions, sessions, and touchpoints occurring in different formats to better determine a connection between them. Marketers are sometimes surprised to find that seemingly unrelated data has a common connecting point after all. One example of something you might find when running the cross-device report is that different users access information about your company in different ways. While one group might click on mobile ads, another might exclusively use a desktop computer while a third looks up information on their tablet and makes an immediate purchase.

The goal of connecting data from multiple devices, sessions, and activities is to gain richer understanding of customer behavior at every stage of the journey. To use these reports, you first need to establish a user ID and then a user ID view to read the data the reports have generated.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Mobile-Friendly

Just as it only takes a few seconds to make an impression on others, the same is true of visitors to your mobile website. For many of them, the landing page is the only one they will see after clicking through from a banner ad, pay per click campaign, or another marketing strategy. You also need to consider that landing pages get right to the point and direct website visitors on exactly what they should do next. It’s no exaggeration to say that creating an attractive and user-friendly mobile landing page is vital to your ROI.

Before you make a mobile landing page, however, you must understand the prospects who will view it. Are they typically male or female, in a certain age range, or make a minimum amount of income each year? These are just some demographics you may want to consider during the planning process for your landing page.

Next, you need to know what your prospects want to buy and how they intend to use it. If you have access to the competitor pages your prospects have viewed, consider that information while building the landing page. Keep in mind that the page needs to be clear, precise, and offer people just what they need while they’re searching for it. It’s best to save things like staff bios, awards, and company history for your main website.

The best way to keep your landing page as simple as possible is by keeping instructions to a minimum. This is especially important on mobile with people looking at a smaller screen and likely having less time to check out the website because they’re looking at the phone between other activities.

Take Advantage of Video Advertising

In September 2019, Statista released a report indicating that the number of people consuming digital video will hit 232 million in 2020 and that digital penetration will reach approximately 84 percent by 2021. If those numbers don’t convince you to implement video advertising into your mobile strategy this year, perhaps these benefits will:

  • Twitter users share video 700 times per minute.
  • The two largest online marketplaces, Amazon and eBay, report that shoppers are one-third more likely to buy an item after viewing a video about it.
  • Videos perform well in search engines because Google, Bing, and other big names prioritize content with video when crawling and ranking.
  • Video allows you to present a lot of information in a short time and a format that appeals to more of people’s senses.

Perhaps even more important is the fact that video performs well in mobile marketing. Short videos under 30 seconds have a watch rate close to 90 percent, something that doesn’t happen on desktop computers or even tablets.

Marcel Digital Offers Mobile Ad Optimization

Creating ads for mobile is one thing but placing well-performing ads that exceed ROI expectation is something else entirely. We invite you to reach out to Marcel Digital today to discuss your ideas for mobile ads. Our team will listen carefully to your input and ask clarifying questions until we are certain that we have your company’s vision just right.

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