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Making a Difference: Marcel Digital’s Volunteer Evening at New Hope Church

As part of our ongoing philanthropy efforts, the Marcel Digital team took part volunteering at New Hope Church's Thursday night food pantry in Hermosa, an initiative that helps support many in this community. This experience not only allowed us to give back but also provided us with invaluable insights into the power of collective effort in addressing food insecurity in Chicago.

As the evening set in, our enthusiastic team arrived at New Hope Church, greeted by the warm welcome from the organizers of the event. The task for the evening was to assist in the food pantry, a vital service that many locals rely on. Our duties included stocking shelves with a variety of nutritious options, guiding people as they selected produce, and helping them pack their bags with their chosen items. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and mutual respect, as we worked alongside each other, united by a common goal.

The food itself is provided by The Greater Chicago Food Depository, an incredible organization that plays a pivotal role in providing the food distributed at the pantry. Their commitment to fighting hunger and providing for those who might otherwise struggle to find food is truly commendable. Their efforts ensure that a wide range of fresh, healthy food options are available for those in need. Throughout the evening, as we interacted with the people coming in, we saw firsthand the difference that such an initiative makes. This was a humbling reminder of the challenges many face and the impact of lending a helping hand.

“I was deeply moved by the work done by the team at New Hope Church, and it was a privilege to take part in such an event. It reminded me of the real impact on a community when people come together to address the basic needs of those within it.”

Tom Kelly, COO

As we packed up and the pantry doors closed, there was a sense of fulfillment among us. This wasn't just about volunteering; it was about being a part of something larger than ourselves. It was about understanding and addressing the needs of our community, about contributing to a world where no one has to go hungry.

Our experience at New Hope Church's food pantry was more than just a day of service; it was a lesson in empathy, teamwork, and the power of community. We extend our heartfelt thanks to New Hope Church and The Greater Chicago Food Depository for allowing us to be a part of their incredible work. At Marcel Digital, we believe in the power of giving back, and we look forward to more opportunities to serve and support our community in the future.

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