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Google Data Studio is Now Called Looker Studio

At Google’s Cloud Next 2022 conference, it was announced that all business intelligence tools will be unified under the Looker umbrella. Google wrote that this move “will help you go beyond dashboards and infuse your workflows and applications needed to help make data-driven decisions.”

What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio, formerly known as Data Studio, is a free business intelligence platform that helps its users tell stories, unite and transform their data, and create meaningful visualizations – all with just a few clicks. In addition to the functionality users are familiar with, Google has plans to evolve Looker Studio to include support for data models from Looker. 


How is Looker Studio different from Google Data Studio?

In 2020, Google finalized its acquisition of data analytics startup Looker. This was a move in which Looker joined with Google Cloud, giving customers a more comprehensive analytics solution than before. That being said, Looker Studio will go beyond Data Studio’s connection capabilities. Looker data analytics now supports over 800 data sources through over 600 connectors. In addition, Looker Studio allows users to access trusted data within Looker’s data modeling layer from the Looker data platform. This is now available for preview.

Looker studio dashboard

What is Looker Studio Pro?

Google also has announced a new paid version called Looker Studio Pro. This upgrade is intended for enterprise-level and more advanced users. It includes additional management features, service-level agreements, and collaboration tools. Google explains that there will be more to come, with Dataplex integration on the horizon. This is the best option for large companies with many employees.


Share Data in a Meaningful Way with Looker Studio

It seems that the Looker Studio rebrand is Google’s next step in enhancing its analytics tools. Both the standard and “Pro” versions seem to be great tools that will allow you to understand your metrics and create stronger strategies for your business, no matter the size. Get the most insight from your data with professionals who can help you choose the right key performance indicators and see what stories the data is really telling about your audience and your campaigns. 

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