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Founding Member Of Hotjar: Conversion Wizard

Hotjar is a brand new tool that allows you to understand the behavior of your website users. It utilizes a number of different features including heatmaps, user recordings, funnels, surveys, and much more to deliver website owners with invaluable data for making decisions.

Luckily, our conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert Kourtney had a chance to jump in and start using it at the ground level to help cultivate the tool and provide insights to websites in need of CRO. We began utilizing it early on in the development process as it was one of the tools that provided us with the knowledge we needed to build cases for testing different pages on different websites.

Because of this early adoption from Kourtney, she has been listed as a founding member on the Hotjar website. We hope to continue to help the tool grow and see amazing results from conversion rate optimization. BAM!

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

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Kyle Brigham

Kyle Brigham is the Chief Strategy Officer at Marcel Digital. He specializes in client services and project management, but also original Nintendo games and ping pong.