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Ben Swartz's "From the Ground Up" Interview with UpCity

Recently, Ben Swartz, Marcel Digital’s founder and CEO, had the chance to sit down with UpCity, a leading Chicago-based B2B marketplace. During his chat, Ben had the opportunity to share insight into Marcel Digital’s beginnings, how the company has expanded its services, and challenges the firm has faced throughout the growth process. 

It’s Always Been About Digital Data Transparency

Ben shares how Marcel Digital’s focus has always been on bringing clarity to the data driving our clients’ businesses. Over the last 16 years of doing business, our focus has always been on certifications and education in order to drive transparency.

“We quickly became a Google Analytics Certified Partner in order to be able to provide the highest level of data clarity to our clients. We have every member of our team attain certification in Google Analytics so that no matter who you’re speaking with, whether they’re account management, sales, project management, they’ll be able to answer your questions in the moment. What’s perhaps even more valuable is that it empowers each employee to engage in rigorous discussion about our client’s strategy.”

Transitioning to Full-Service Digital Marketing

Marcel Digital got its start reselling Google Adwords through paid search management in the early 2000s, but in leveraging organic search results to grow the business and identify clients, we made the transition to SEO marketing and started building a team that could execute on the new business model.

“In order to provide top quality SEO services though we needed to be comfortable with web design work, so we brought on a web developer who knew a lot about implementing technical SEO changes and how to build websites from scratch. From then on, we were a full-service digital marketing and website development agency.”

Leveraging Talent to Overcome Challenges to Our Growth

As with any industry, the ability to attract and hire the right people has been key to our growth and success. Our growth has been driven by not only finding people with the correct skill set, but also the right mindset for success in this industry.

“We look for the person that can stand up in front of a room of other power players and hold their own while having an open and honest debate about what’s best for our clients. Part of that is not only being able to express yourself and think critically, but also being able to hear differing opinions and know when it’s right to acquiesce to the group and when it’s right to stick to your guns. That’s not an easy atmosphere, but we don’t want it to be an easy atmosphere. Great talent thrives in that environment because it gives them the opportunity to be themselves and think creatively[.]” 

Marcel Digital is thankful for our partnership with UpCity and we’re proud to be listed among the company’s top SEO companies in the United States

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