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Optimize Google Ads to drive more leads to the business arm of one of the nation’s leading broadband providers.

Increase in calls from call tracking on site
Increase in web form submissions

The Challenge

WOW! Business needed a partner that could drive more leads through the website using highly targeted geographic and audience targeting. WOW! also provides Internet, TV, and phone services to home consumers across the nation, so a strong governance strategy was necessary to ensure that the two divisions of the business did not compete with one another.

The Analysis

We started by determining which keywords overlapped between the consumer and business accounts to ensure that WOW! wasn’t competing against itself, driving costs up and making tracking revenue and conversions more difficult. 

Once we identified which terms belonged on the consumer side, which belonged on the business side, and which overlapped, we discussed with the WOW! team our strategy for governance and how to prioritize these queries between accounts. 

Additionally, we found that the website did not offer prospects the content and user experience they were expecting, so updates to the landing pages would be necessary to convert visitors to customers. 

The Solution

Our team made significant optimizations to the account to reduce waste, improve click-through-rate, and increase conversions from paid search. We also implemented the governance strategy to ensure that the WOW! Business account did not impact the WOW! Consumer account and vice versa. 

We consulted with WOW! on updates to the landing pages to improve Quality Scores and unify messaging across the entire user journey. This required consistent collaboration with the WOW! team and regular updates and optimizations to the account. 

The Results

Our strategy resulted in immediate improvements to the results of the WOW! Business paid search campaign, as well as significant increases in conversions and KPIs year-over-year.

Here were some of the results:

  • 22% increase in clicks
  • increase in web forms
  • 21% increase in calls from ads
  • 274% increase in calls from call tracking on site

Overall, our optimizations resulted in an increase in leads through web forms and phone calls, eventually leading in more connections for WOW! Business.

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