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United Ad Label (Paid Media)

United Ad Label

United Ad Label (UAL) is a premium provider of stock and custom specialty labels to numerous industries, including healthcare, veterinary, manufacturing, distribution, education, professional services and more. Through its comprehensive catalog and online site, UAL offers more than 4,000 stock label products as well as custom products. Like many B2B organizations, UAL was looking to make the most of its advertising dollars. UAL approached Marcel Digital with the goal of increasing return on advertising spend (ROAS) within its paid advertising campaigns. 

Increase in ROI
Increase in conversion rate

The Challenge

The B2B landscape is competitive. Staying ahead of the curves means keeping costs low without sacrificing productivity, performance or the customer experience. Like many B2B organizations, UAL was looking to optimize its advertising campaigns across several key performance indicators. Enter Marcel Digital. 

UAL came to us with the goal of improving conversion value and return on ad spend without altering its budget. At the same time, the custom label manufacturer was also looking to reduce its CPA from $184 to less than $100 -- a reduction of nearly half. This was no small order, but the Marcel Digital team was up for the challenge. 

The Analysis

Our paid media experts first order of business was to conduct a thorough analysis of UAL’s pain points, goals and advertising strategies. This allowed us to identify four potential areas for improvement, including the following: 

  • Creating higher volume transactions on its website

When it comes to doing more with less, creating higher volume transactions is a simple yet significant way to drive revenue.

  • Targeting the highest performing pathways

Understanding what works best and focusing on those pathways means that the company’s resources are being efficiently and effectively utilized. 

  • Duplicating successful marketing efforts

On a similar note, if it worked well in the past, it’s likely to work well in the future. Conversely, marketing efforts which have fallen short should be assessed and adjusted or abandoned, as necessary. 

  • Conducting more hands-on optimizations toward improved campaign performance.

Increasing hands-on optimizations offer many advantages, including everything from improved visibility to higher rankings. 

The Solution

Identifying opportunities is one thing. Understanding the mechanisms needed to leverage those opportunities into outcomes is another. Marcel Digital presented UAL with a series of specific tactics designed to help the company achieve its goals. These included the following: 

  • Relaunching the website with clear paths in order to increase both the number of sales and cost per order

  • Reallocating display dollars to paid search

  • Maximizing return on UAL’s highest-performing campaigns

  • Duplicating Google AdWords efforts on Bing Ads platform

  • Prioritizing more frequent updates to ad copy and keyword list

The Results

With Marcel Digital’s partnership, UAL’s outcomes far exceeded expectations -- starting with a staggering staggering 523 percent increase in ROI and a 72 percent increase in conversion value. Also remarkable? A massive reduction of CPA from $184 to $83. This not only represented a decrease of more than half, but also came in far below UAL’s goal of less than $100. Not only has the end result more cost-effective for UAL, but it’s also helped the company streamline its processes by directing resources where they’re most needed and effective.  


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