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Conversion Rate Optimization

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating

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Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating wanted to increase the clicks from their informational meal plans pages to the meal plan ordering and checkout process, but they didn't know where to start. That's where Marcel Digital came in.

Increase in Meal Plan Orders
Increase in "Order Plan" clicks

The Challenge

Marcel Digital's mission was to update the meal plan information page with a call to action or layout that would more effectively entice and engage users to click through from the meal plan pages to the meal plan order checkout process, increasing overall engagement and transactions on the Seattle Sutton website. Our key metrics to measure success would be clicks and meal plan orders.

The Analysis

Marcel Digital got to work by first conducting a Google Analytics deep dive to collect data on how long users were on meal plan pages, as well as what pages they would move on to after visiting the meal plan pages. We also began conducting user polls and surveys to get direct feedback from potential customers and users about what information in the content would be most helpful to them in making a purchase decision. Some of the feedback we received:

  • "It's pretty hard to find pricing information on your meal plans."
  • "Information like the price would be a huge help!"
  • "How much do these meals cost?"

As you can see from the quotes and feedback above, we found that users and potential customers were most interested in finding pricing breakdowns for the meal plans. From there, we also recorded numerous user videos to see what pages and pieces of content were engaging users and potential customers most. We found that

The Solution

Our UX / usability and digital marketing experts concluded that by introducing price earlier in the process we would be able to increase the number of qualified purchasers clicking through from the meal plan page to checkout and ultimately converting. To do test this theory, we would implement a design change (or variation) with content above the "Order Plan" call to action that would explicitly state the price of the meal plan.

Seattle Sutton Order Plan
The red arrow in the picture above showcases where this pricing content would live on the meal plan page so that users could quickly and easily notice it.
The Results

We found through A/B testing the control against our new design with price messaging, that the new messaging had a positive impact on both the engagement and conversions of the meal plan pages. With our new design and layout, we saw click-throughs to the checkout process rise by 49% and the overall confirmed orders rise by 52%! This successful test lead us to change the layout and messaging on all meal plan pages, where they also saw increases in both engagement and conversions. We attribute this success to in-depth research, as well as making a point to create messaging that spoke directly to the information that Seattle Sutton's users and potential customers sought most - pricing information.

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