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Conversion Rate Optimization

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SA Ignite's MU ASSISTANT demo landing page was having issues collecting form submissions, resulting in a decrease in leads and prospective clients. The conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts at Marcel Digital took a look and here's what we found...

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in conversions

The Challenge

SA Ignite, a Chicago-based IT software and service provider for identifying, analyzing and prioritizing electronic health records (EHR), had created a landing page that was meant to showcase the benefits of their flagship product, MU ASSISTANT, and also to collect leads from those interested in viewing a demo of the product. What they found was that their landing page had not only collected a low volume of leads, but user engagement of the page was also lacking as well. SA Ignite tasked Marcel Digital with finding the obstacles on the page that were creating pitfalls in the form submission process and what could be done to remedy those issues. Marcel got to work...

The Analysis

The landing page in question was a Marketo based template that was accessible through multiple pages on the website, as well as the main navigation. Here's what it looked like:

SA Ignite's Landing page

Our research started with taking a step back and looking at the overall feel of the landing page:

  • Was it consistent with branding on the website and interior pages?
  • Did it perform well on mobile?
  • Did the form catch the user's eye?
  • Did copy need to be changed at all?

The overall aesthetic of the landing page pointed to multiple opportunities for improvement. First, the page was cramped with an inconsistent design and layout compared to that of the interior pages on the website. When branding or layouts are inconsistent, a user can be confused or even begin to lose trust with the website they are viewing, mainly because it leads users to believe that the product or service is not held to a high standard.

Second, we noticed a lacking mobile device experience. The form fields in the demo request form were not optimized, becoming too small on mobile devices and also missing the heading that tells users what happens when they submit a form. When it came to laptop image on the landing page, it wouldn't resize properly on mobile and tablet devices.

The Solution

As a result of our research, our recommended landing page test design would contain:

  • A responsive design optimized for mobile and tablet devices
  • A form with a branded color background to catch the user's eye
  • A headshot for the testimonial to give a "human" feel to the landing page
  • Changes in copy to better capture target audience's attention

Our landing page variation incorporated the above elements in hopes of increased engagement and form submissions:

SA Ignite Optimized Page

The Results

Not only was our landing page variation able to increase conversions overall from the landing page, but it was able to increase the overall conversion rate of the page without more traffic! At the end of our test, we found that the landing page variation was able to increase leads by 400% and increased overall conversion rates by 1,300%! That's huge! We applied the same lesson to other pages and landing pages across the SA Ignite website and also saw great returns from our design changes. SA Ignite continues to incorporate these findings into new static pages and landing pages on the website.

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