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Printable Promotions opened in 1993 with the idea that to be successful, they would treat their customers the way they like people to treat them. Today the company prides itself on being as customer-centric as they were when the first opened the doors. Their consultants are full-service partners who have a common goal to provide custom printed products on time, on budget, and backed with Printable Promotions' Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Marcel worked with the company to establish more qualified leads, increase their revenue, and decrease their cost per acquisition.

Increase in overall lead submissions
Increase in overall revenue

The Challenge

Printable Promotions wanted to decrease the cost of bringing in new business while driving more revenue from their site. Without a continuous stream of leads, sales were stagnant. Paid advertising didn't seem to work, and they couldn't get enough of an audience on the website to help sales.

The company needed to devise a plan to bring in more leads. More than that, they needed to turn those leads into sales. The paid advertising wasn't working the way they expected, and they knew they were missing a key component but didn't know where to start.

The Analysis

It all boiled down to a lack of optimization. Potential leads weren't getting an opportunity to see what Printable Promotions had to offer because their website advertisements weren't showing up in searches. Additionally, a plan was needed to capture qualified lead data and nurture the prospects into customers. Without new leads, there were fewer sales.

Essentially, Printable Promotions needed a way to connect with the audience.

The Solution

The paid media experts at Marcel Digital's mission is to continually optimize for organic search and target specific paid search programs. To this end, we focus on the best performing keyword and keyword phrases. We also optimize the metadata on ad copy and landing page combinations.

Our action plan for Printable Promotions included building a large list of relevant keywords and phrases. From there, we went on to create multiple targeted ads incorporating the researched keywords. Additionally, we integrated seasonality trends into the strategy and implemented an editorial calendar.

The next step was to continue optimization by focusing on the best performing segments:

  • Continuous ad copy optimizations
  • Landing page testing
  • Conversion analysis and recommendations
  • Ongoing paid search consultation

The Results

Printable Promotions enjoyed a 39 percent increase in their overall revenue and a 10 percent decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA). With a 700 percent increase in overall lead submissions, the CPA dropped because of paid ads with a strong call-to-action that succeeded in driving leads to their website. A combination of SEO and targeted paid ads gave Printable Promotions the results they wanted to see.

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