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Leveraging Highly Targeted Paid Search Campaigns to Drive More Conversions

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Medius is the leading provider of AP automation software, helping businesses gain control and reduce risk of invoice fraud by turning manual, paper-based invoices into digital workflows.

Increase In Conversion Rate
Increase In Conversions

The Challenge

Medius's AP Automation software is an incredible technology that allows organizations to automate processes and workflows for AP. However, it is a high consideration technology that must be well vetted and adopted by an organization for it to work efficiently. We worked closely with the Medius team to better target prospective customers that would benefit from Medius. This included updating ad copy, expanding our keyword targeting, and working with the team to make updates to landing pages.

Our goal was to drive more leads through highly targeted channels, such as paid search, but we did not have a comprehensive understanding of which contact form(s) would produce the best results and drive the highest user interest. Additionally, based on what we were seeing in Google Analytics and Google Ads data, users were not interested in signing up for a demo during their first visit to the website.

The Solution

On top of regular optimizations and implementations of best practices in the paid search campaign, the first step was to test.

Over a 6 month period, we tested different types of landing pages to understand what type of CTA (product tour, product sheet, or demo request) a user was most interested in across all services and solutions. This then informed optimizations in our paid search campaigns and allowed us to adjust messaging and CTAs to drive more conversions.

The Results

The first test began with updating all CTAs to focus on demo sign-ups. The thought was that users would convert at a higher rate with a CTA that allowed users to view and evaluate the technology. However, we quickly saw conversion engagement decrease substantially. So we moved on to the next test.

The second test was launched to test product sheets. These CTAs had previously performed well, but over time, we saw that conversion engagement was stronger than demo sign-ups. However, it was not as strong as the previous year. So, again, we moved on to the next test.

The third test and the winner, was testing language for product tours. After compiling the data, we learned that users were most likely to convert when visiting a landing page with a tour video vs. a product sheet or a demo request.

After implementing, we saw results increase substantially. For the top-performing campaign, conversion rate increased by 555% (2.75% vs .72%) and conversions increased by 28% (54 vs. 14).

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