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Upon launching their new website, LennoxPROs wanted to build a paid search campaign that would be highly targeted with ad copy to new and existing trained HVAC professionals and not handymen or DIY homeowners. Keeping this in mind, the overall goal of the campaign would be to have a high Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and maintain a $400 Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

Increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)
Decrease in cost per acquisition

The Challenge

Building a paid search campaign that not only increase new brand awareness, maintains a certain CPA, and gives a high Return on Advertising Spend takes research, patience, and fine-tuning your strategy to hit goals. Marcel Digital was tasked with building a strong paid search campaign with a solid foundation that's targeted to a very specific demographic of technicians who make up the LennoxPROs customers.

The Solution

In order to accomplish the goals that Lennox had put in place for this paid search campaign, we had to first had to find a way to distinguish trained technicians from handymen and DIY homeowners. Knowing that technicians were more likely to search individual product names and serial numbers, we focused on keywords that reflected these searches. From there, we leveraged email lists and website traffic to identify our existing certified professionals and also create lookalike audiences in our campaigns. Lastly, we played with multiple variations of ad copy to find what spoke best with our target customers.

The Results

The research, strategy development, and implementation paid off exponentially. Not only were we able to increase our return on advertising spend (ROAS) north of 2,000%, meaning we were making $20 off every $1 in ad spend, but our cost per acquisition (CPA) he client’s target CPA was as low as $205. The success of the campaign continues today and we continue to experiment with specific segmenting of our paid search audiences while testing targeted ad copy.

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