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Paid Search

H.B. Fuller

Launched highly targeted paid search campaign to increase sales of a specific premium universal adhesive product.

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H.B. Fuller wanted to increase sales to Flexera, one of their adhesive brands. The idea was to target specific geographic areas where sales historically were generated to increase awareness of the brand and drive more sales.

The Challenge

While the TEC Specialty brand is generally superior in quality and longevity to other adhesive brands, the brand lacked awareness in these markets compared to other competitors. H.B. Fuller needed a way to increase awareness to contractors for relevant applications. 

The Solution

In order to accomplish the goal of increased awareness and ultimately sales, our team deployed both display advertising and paid search campaigns in parallel to one another in specific test markets to produce data that could then be used to optimize the campaign and scale to other markets. 

The Results

Over 15,000,000 targeted impressions were generated across display and paid search aided in building brand awareness and consideration. Our campaigns generated nearly 950 goal completions, proving audience relevance and engagement. 

Additionally, by bidding appropriately on branded and competitor terms, our team was able to develop our audiences and drive conversions from those that might have otherwise gone elsewhere. 

Because HB Fuller is a wholesaler, store locator buttons were added to the landing page so contractors could go directly to the website of the distributor. With the addition of this button to the landing page, 355 store locator clicks occurred throughout the flight of the campaign. These users were specifically searching for physical locations to purchase Flexera and were directed immediately to a distributor. 

Additionally, over 350 PDF downloads of product information occurred which was also considered to be a strong consideration metric. These PDFs included product specifications and data highly valuable to contractors looking for an appropriate product solution. 

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