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Paid Media

Arbour Group

Leveraging Highly Targeted Paid Search Campaigns to Drive More Conversions and Revenue.

With over 20 years of experience, Arbour Group is a leading provider of regulatory compliance products and services for the life sciences industry. Wanting to drive qualified quality leads through their website, they worked with the Google Premier Partners at Marcel Digital to create highly targeted paid search campaigns.

Increase in revenue
Increase in qualified leads

The Challenge

It’s not enough to develop ads for the term “medical device testing” then drive individuals to an optimized landing page, only for those individuals to reach out to Arbour Group. If that’s all they did, they would simply be "qualified" leads. Arbour and Marcel decided to challenge ourselves further - we would instead focus on driving leads that were both qualified AND high quality, where "high quality" is defined as individuals who are not only searching for Arbour’s solutions and reaching out to Arbour Group, but also progress down the Arbour Group pipeline. 

Driving leads from paid search had never been an issue, but we found that some leads were falling outside of Arbour Group’s wheelhouse. We decided to step our paid search game up, restructure our campaigns, and focus on highly targeted searches for the life services industry around specific products and services - but which ones?


The Analysis

We jumped right into reviewing what products and services were driving the most leads, the most revenue, and where those leads were coming from in the world for Arbour Group. We then took a look at what keywords and searches were resulting in unqualified and spammy leads. From there, we would take a look at the industries and businesses that were leveraging the products and services Arbour Group provided.

All of this information would give us the foundation of:

  • What products / services we would build campaigns for
  • What keywords / searches we would prioritize
  • What keywords / searches we’d remove as negative
  • What landing page optimizations we would make

Based on opportunities we were spotting in our preliminary analysis, as well as previous and current customer interviews, we decided to take Arbour's paid search campaigns a level deeper and expand on not only niche service and product level keywords and searches, but also look more to specific long-tail searches. These searches would focus on:

  • Industry-specific keywords / searches
  • Process-based keywords / searches
  • Testing and Q+A keywords / searches
  • Software specific keywords / searches
  • Location keywords / searches

We then compiled all of this information to create a prioritized paid search roadmap that we shared with the client, from creation to optimization, and measurement and ongoing paid media management.


The Solution

The Google AdWords Certified experts at Marcel had the information they needed to develop a custom strategy. We’d first build out highly targeted campaigns for specific validation and compliance products and services that drove traffic, conversions, and revenue. We then optimized those campaigns further by removing negative keywords

that would result in unqualified leads. And finally, we optimized the content on service pages throughout the website to reflect the search intent of users, as well as keywords we wanted Arbour to appear for.

The areas we would focus on:

  • 21 CFR
  • Cloud Compliance
  • FDA Compliance
  • Netsuite Validation
  • Oracle
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Software Validation

Although it is impossible to dissipate every unqualified leads, the paid team was able to strategically adjust our campaigns to limit the number of unqualified leads coming through by the removal of poor keywords, the addition of negative keywords, daily optimizations, more granular geotargeting, and by adding more relevant ad copy.


The Results

After refining our campaigns by implementing targeting for life science searches that result in more engagement and conversions, adding negative keywords for searches we didn’t wish to appear for, and optimizing our landing pages to build up quality scores, the results exceeded our expectations. Within two months, Arbour Group’s conversions from paid search increased by 108%. Beyond that, within those same two months, we were able to increase Arbour Group’s revenue by $203,000 from paid search efforts alone. We continue to optimize and fine-tune campaigns as opportunities arise, focused on driving qualified and quality leads that progress down Arbour’s pipeline to the extent that we’re able to tie it back to revenue.