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SEO & AI: How Marketers Are Using AI To Push The Needle Further


When marketers first got their hands on generative AI, whether they were early adopters using tools like Jasper AI or are just now getting into it in 2023 with the boom of ChatGPT, BART, and Anthropic’s Claude, I think the most obvious application that marketers looked to was for content marketing. How can we take this pretty difficult, complicated, and arduous process of creating net new content and streamline it, make it simpler. 

This was an obvious win for that . However, I think this was dubious at best. Google had come out at the time and said they think of AI-generated content as spammy. However, in recent times, they've come forward and changed the language of their helpful content update to clarify. Initially, the language of that in their developer blog said that they value content written by and for humans. However, they've since changed that language to just be written for humans. I think that omission makes it very clear that they've come around to the idea of how AI content can still be helpful for users and still has value and can be used for SEO and marketing purposes.

However, I think one of the biggest underlooked utilities of generative AI is not necessarily what it can do for writing purposes as much as what can be done with its new capabilities, like ChatGPT implementing a code interpreter. Now we can submit large files of data into this and have it aid us in analysis, have it group keywords for us, have us look for trends in data, have us visualize that data for us. I think this is going to be the next evolution of how marketers are using AI to push the needle further, how we can be using this to not only give our clients and our businesses more access to the data that we're constantly observing and analyzing but also aid us in how we analyze that data ourselves. As I said, grouping keywords and doing things like that for us gives us a new perspective and helps us refine our campaigns even further. The sky is the limit when it comes to what generative AI can do.

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