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Hi, I'm Dan Kipp, the director of the data and insights team here at Marcel Digital. Just wanted to check in with you quick on your GA4 migrations. As you know, July 1st is the cutoff date when you need to migrate over to the new platform. Just recently, Google's announced that they are going to automatically migrate UA setups into GA4. Not a bad idea. You can leverage this if you are just reporting on page views and attribution data. However, if you're doing any custom event reporting, there is no customization with this automatic setup. So we recommend setting it up manually through your Google Tag Managers. Also, an important note with GA4 is that there's a new limit. So you're still held responsible to the amount of data that you're allowed to capture in your GA4 tools. However, there's a new limit to the amount of times that you can request information from Google server. So in theory, that's essentially loading a page in your GA4 dashboards or any Data Studio reports. Every time you load that, it pulls an amount of API credits that you have available. And we've been experiencing with smaller clients, somewhere is up to about a hundred thousand hits total in their UA properties that are reaching these quotas. So in order to get around that, you either need to limit the scope of your reports or leverage the BigQuery data import tool and do all your reporting out of your data warehouse platform. If you need help with your analytics migration, feel free to reach out to us at Marcel. We'd love to understand what your current setup is and help make a plan of how to best set up GA4. Thank you.

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