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Donating to Brave Space Alliance Community Pantry Program

In honor of Pride Month, the Marcel Digital team decided to give back to our local community in a very special way. We dedicated Thursday, June 1st to collect and donate a range of essential goods to the Brave Space Alliance Community Pantry Program. This pantry is a beacon of support for the Black and Brown LGBTQ+ community of Chicago, providing them with much-needed resources.

About Brave Space Alliance

Brave Space Alliance is the first Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, designed to create and provide affirming and culturally competent services for the entire LGBTQ+ community of Chicago. This impressive organization operates a variety of programs, one of which is their Community Pantry Program. This program focuses on providing a dependable supply of goods to the community through donations, often facilitated by groups of community members who pool resources to maximize their buying power, known as "Donation Pods"​.

Collecting Donations

In line with Brave Space Alliance's Mutual Aid Framework, we were committed to ensuring that the items we gathered were in the best condition. Our team came together to organize and collect a wide variety of items, including food staples like bread, noodles, canned goods, pasta, and coffee, as well as essential personal care items such as sanitary napkins, soap, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Our collective efforts resulted in a sizable donation to the Community Pantry Program, a testament to our team's dedication to supporting our local community.

If you or your organization is seeking an opportunity to get involved with an exceptional nonprofit organization committed to community support, we encourage you to consider donating to the Brave Space Alliance's Community Pantry Program. There are many ways to contribute, such as hosting a food drive, becoming a part of a donation pod, or even organizing a virtual drive through their Amazon Wish List​.

By contributing your time, resources, and energy, you can help Brave Space Alliance continue its mission of creating a safe, affirming, and culturally competent environment for the entire LGBTQ+ community of Chicago.

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