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Digital Marketing Associate Program


Zoe: I found this program through Handshake and immediately knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Coming out of college, it felt like every job I looked at wanted me to have years of experience, but Marcel was the first company that felt like it was more concerned with my potential and who I am as a person, so I was very drawn to it.

Joe: My interviewers were clearly a tight knit group that had a lot of fun together. They turned an intimidating event into something that felt like a conversation with old friends. I knew that Marcel in every way would be the perfect opportunity to launch my career with a team that I wanted to work with.

Natalie: I had applied to hundreds of other jobs at that point, no exaggeration, and this was the only one that I clicked with. I felt that there was a tremendous growth opportunity with a company that prides itself on its values, which very closely resemble my own. I can sense just through my application process that this was a place that people loved to be, and everyone had strong bonds with one another. 

Kate: I love this program because I am able to go through the transition from college to full-time work with a cohort of other new grads. It’s made the process a lot less intimidating, and has allowed me to feel more comfortable at work in a short time. We’ve also been able to jump into client work and marketing projects that first month, that proves how our opinions are welcomed and we’re trusted in such a short amount of time. 

Natalie: Something unique about Marcel is the fact that it is integrated, meaning that all departments work closely together. So, something we may learn from an SEO MDU could help us have real impact with our client work or analytics reports. Coming from more of a development and data background, it has been so exciting to learn about Marcel’s digital marketing services. 

Joe: These first few months, we haven’t stopped learning. Whether it has been about professional life, integrating with Marcel, the thorough training in every aspect of digital marketing from the heads of their respective departments. 

Kate: Getting a degree in business, marketing, and digital studies, I had a lot of options coming out of college, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of directions that I could take my career. Because of this, I was specifically looking for a new grad program that would allow me to explore my interests. 

Joe: I’ve known for a long time that web development is my passion, however throughout the program I have been delighted to have the opportunity to be more than just a developer. Getting an in-depth look at every facet of the company, I have a true sense of how my work as a dev is meaningful and knowing how my role interplays with each team.

Kate: Marcel gives you the tools to dive into whatever topic you like best. This is proven by managers and coworkers always asking about your own interests and how they can help you achieve what you want. 

Zoe: The way this cohort program works, we really end up spending a lot of time with one another, and we’ve had the opportunity to become friends, which I think makes this job even more enjoyable and really helps to further our success as individuals and as a group.

Joe: Above all, I’d say a defining aspect of Marcel is its culture. One thing I love about our culture is our shared values and comfort we have with each other. We’re all driven to create fantastic work as a team, but also come together to give back to the community and do fun things together outside of work. 

Natalie: Marcel is a place that fosters relationship building beyond the traditional nine-to-five. We have quarterly philanthropy events, summer kick-ball league, and some many happy hours and other events to get to know one another. 

Kate: All of these events gave me the chance to become closer to my coworkers and leadership in a short time. Everyone’s reachable in the sense that leadership interacts with us directly every day, and aren’t removed from the culture. Transparency is a big part of the culture too, which is often not the case at many organizations.

Zoe: From the first interview, I could tell that this was a group of people who really shared their values and cared about each other’s success inside and outside of work. That is exactly what I wanted in a company. Marcel places a lot of emphasis on giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other outside of work, and I think those opportunities really helped to contribute to the success of the company. 

Natalie: Our CEO loves to say “Do what you say you will do”, and I think that the leadership team absolutely kept their word when it came down to the associates program. As promised during our interviews, we’ve learned so much in the few short months that we’ve been here, gained certifications, and had so many opportunities to take initiative and make a true impact. 

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