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Codegarden 2023 - Day 1 Recap


Hey, what's up everyone! It's Kyle from Marcel Digital. I'm here at Code Garden in Denmark 2023, super excited to be here. The first day we attended the Business Summit and wanted to provide you with a couple of highlights and details.

The first thing we noticed is that the number of partners and projects has increased dramatically. It seems that every year Code Garden keeps getting bigger and bigger, which is good for the Umbraco CMS.

Another big theme is all about sustainability. Umbraco is committed to sustainability and looking at their carbon footprint. They want others to be thinking about that as well. So, they're not only going to provide that type of reporting in Umbraco Cloud, but they're also going to show you how it's impacting your specific website as well.

Other big news this year: Umbraco has now integrated a commerce solution into the Umbraco CMS. So, this is going to help anyone who has e-commerce functionality process orders, manage their catalog, and work with transactions natively in Umbraco. Huge news!

There were also some exciting updates to the partner program. They're going to be providing a lot more services and support to us partners, which we're very excited about. But more details to come on that.

Other quick updates were on the Umbraco Marketplace. The Umbraco Marketplace continues to grow with a bunch of really awesome packages. There were some cool proof of concept packages like an integration with ChatGPT that brings AI to your Umbraco instances. But also, more accessibility packages that help you make sure that your website's accessible for all users. 

So, a lot of really great things coming, and we're excited to explore. Other than that, there were just a lot of really great business sessions with a lot of really great Umbracians. We're very excited to be here, excited to learn for the days to come. Welcome to Code Garden 2023!

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