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Thomas Kelly

Director of Project Management

Tom Kelly - Director of Project Management

Tom has worked in digital marketing since he started his career over a decade ago, working across the project and account side of the business, harnessing teams of talented professionals to create outstanding digital products and experiences for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. Originally from the west coast of Scotland, with a number of years spent in England before relocating to the US to lead the expansion of a British agency's global footprint. Tom is also an advisory board member for a tech startup as well as a mentor at 1871.

Outside of work, Tom is a passionate amateur photographer, car enthusiast and traveler.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Maldives or going home to Scotland with a newfound appreciation for the mountains, lochs and ocean all being within a couple of hours of me
Favorite Beverage
Vieux Carre
Favorite TV Show
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite Food Challenge
Hot dogs...? Nutrition wasn't my strong suit as a child and would often eat 10-12 hot dogs and buns for lunch on a sunday :o
Hidden Talent
Was a 1st saxophone in my high school band/orchestra (not your american marching band nonsense), won Scottish and British national championships and toured Europe playing in Venice amongst other places.
Weird Fact
My family generational gaps are pretty massiveā€¦ both my grandfathers were born in 1890 and were 55 when both my mum and dad were born.
Fun Fact
As a college student I came to america for three summers and worked as a kids activities counselor at a summer camp in Boca Raton, FL
Something You Hate
Favorite Pastime
Favorite Restaurant
Mott Street
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
I Keep Forgettin'
Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie
Con Air
First Concert
Bruce Springsteen
Most Famous Celebrity Met
Stephen Hawking