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Terry Flynn

Talent Acquisition Manager

Terry has been in the Talent Acquisition business since 2001, initially working for one of the largest international staffing firms Randstad and then under his own brand The Faherty Group. At one time or another, he has recruited talent in almost every professional niche and for every size employer. For the past decade, he has been focused exclusively on Digital Marketing and most recently is focused on building his skill set in the areas of Early Talent / College Recruiting and Equity Awareness.

In Terry's off work time he is focused on health, exercise, personal growth, and relationship building, for both himself and as a coach to others.

Favorite Vacation Spot

Oahu, Hawaii, specifically while based from Waikiki beach keeping things Kama'aina.

Favorite Beverage

Served at Perilla on Milwaukee Avenue. It’s called “an old friend,” It’s nice to visit with an old friend every now and then. It’s one of those drinks you could NEVER make at home.

Favorite TV Show

BoJack Horseman or This Is Us. It’s a tie for different reasons.

Favorite Challenge Food

Pot Roast

Hidden Talent

In my twenties, I dabbled with Stand Up Comedy and writing. My best friend made a career of it.

Weird Fact

Me, my uncle, and my nephew were all born on the same day. (Different years however.)

Fun Fact

I sold all my possessions and moved to Honolulu at the age of 25.

Something You Hate


Favorite Pastime

A day at the beach with a good book or podcast.

First Concert

Lionel Richie

Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie

American Treasure strictly because of great memories watching it several times with the kids.

Most Famous Celebrity Met

Charlotte Rae - Mrs. Garrett on The Facts Life. I dated her niece back in the day.