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Sarah Wojtila

Digital Project Manager

Sarah W

Sarah is an experienced project manager spending the early years of her career working in the hospitality industry where she gained ample customer service skills. She then shifted focus to account management and supported the professional development and training sector of various organizations. After a relocation, she began working as an Account Manager in digital marketing and has had a passion for this industry ever since.

Working at Marcel Digital, Sarah is focused on supporting the digital services side of the business to drive outstanding results to our clients and partners.

Outside of the office, Sarah enjoys spending time at local breweries with friends or taking weekend road trips with her husband.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Quebec City
Favorite Beverage
Glass of red wine
Favorite TV Show
The Office
Eating Food Challenge
I could probably win a 'slowest eater' challenge
Hidden Talent
I can spend unlimited time at Target and never get bored
Weird Fact
I have a mustard and hot sauce obsession
Fun Fact
I used to work at Disney and my 'office' view was of the Magic Kingdom castle
Something You Hate
Favorite Pastime
Trying out a new brewery or winery
Favorite Restaurant
Portillo's...keepin' it classic
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
For Once In My Life
First Concert
Celine Dion
Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie
Most Famous Celebrity Met
I played air guitar with Chris Kirpatrick from NSYNC