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Jeff Belasco

Digital Project Manager

Jeff Belasco

Jeff began his career working across the country in oil refineries, designing and developing user interfaces to run those plants.  Getting his Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction at DePaul University, Jeff found a passion for the technical aspects of design which lead him down the path of project management.  This became solidified after some time doing freelance work and managing his own projects.  

Working at Marcel Digital, Jeff is able to apply his knowledge in UX design to bridge the gap between client and development in the projects he manages.

Favorite Vacation Spot
Favorite Beverage
It’s hard to beat a cold Guinness
Favorite TV Show
Toss up between Archer and Bob’s Burgers
Eating Challenge Food
Hidden Talent
Comically bad luck (no really, if I were to roll a 20 sided dice I will disproportionately roll a 1)
Weird Fact
It's pretty weird...
Fun Fact
I fenced in high school
Something You Hate
People who walk their cats in strollers
Favorite Pastime
Video games...wait, are video games a pastime?
Favorite Restaurant
Taco Bell….yep
Favorite Michael McDonald Song
Who’s that?
First Concert
Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie
The Rock
Most Famous Celebrity Met
Jeff Garland