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Alyssa Hughes

Digital Project Manager

Alyssa is an experienced Project Manager with experience managing successful projects across a number of different industries. Her primary strengths lie in her ability to create meaningful relationships and to foster conversations that help create efficient outcomes. 

As an avid traveler, Alyssa spends most of her time planning trips abroad, meeting up with friends in new cities, or flying home to the Carolinas to be with her family.

Weaknesses are just strengths in the wrong environment.

Marianne Cantwell

Favorite Vacation Spot

Vienna or Copenhagen

Favorite Beverage

Kentucky Mule

Favorite TV Show

New Girl

Favorite Challenge Food

Is lasagna an acceptable option?

Hidden Talent

I'm pretty solid at home renovations and repairs

Weird Fact

On the first international flight I ever took, I was randomly bumped to first-class

Fun Fact

I lived next door to Bill Murray for a summer

Something You Hate

Warm fruit

Favorite Pastime

Rowing in college and being terrible at it

Favorite Restaurant

Mitches Tavern in Raleigh, NC

Favorite Song To Dance To

Wannabe by the Spice Girls 

First Concert

The Click Five

Favorite Nicholas Cage Movie

National Treasure 1

Most Famous Celebrity Met

Bill Murrays Gardener. Unfortunately never met the man himself.

First Job

Restaurant Hostess

What You Wanted to Be When You Grew Up

Event planner