Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO

With Offsite SEO, the goal is to increase your visibility utilizing two core methods:

  1. Protect your backlink profile from spam.
  2. Create new links naturally through distribution of content, outreach, and social engagement.


Link Maintenance

Because your site is acquiring new links all the time, it’s important to monitor and scrub your list. With our proprietary software, we are able to identify risky links so we can work on getting them removed. One of the hardest parts of link removals is contacting each website individually and monitoring to ensure the link has been removed. We’ll take care of all the communication with webmasters to ensure you get a clean link profile without all the hassle.


Link Acquisition

Links are still one of the most important facets of Google’s algorithm. As such, you still need to acquire links in order to have an authoritative site. Our link acquisition strategy is all about creating organic opportunities through outreach, distribution, and social interaction. 

We’ll teach you the best ways to engage on your social channel and find the best locations to send your content. We’re not paying for links and we’re not making agreements with other sites. We’re creating natural ways to grow your link profile using best practices.


Penalty Removal

Already have a penalty? Trust us, it’s not the end of the world. We’ve got a wealth of experience helping companies get penalties removed from their site. Our goal is to get your site to adhere to Google’s guidelines, so we’ll take care of all the steps in order clean up a penalty.

Get a taste for our experience by reading our blog on How to Remove a Google Penalty, then contact us to have your site penalty removed.


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What Our Customers Think

It is a pleasure to work with your staff. They have been responsive and courteous from day one. They listened to what Doral wanted to accomplish and took the time to build a customized campaign. The results are obvious.

- Peg O'Shea, Doral Michigan Avenue

Marcel Digital has produced infinitely more subscribers for us than radio, magazines, and newspapers. I wish I would have known, because I would have taken every penny from those budgets and reallocated to you. Marcel Digital is doing an amazing job!

- Andrew G. Athy, The Dilectio Group, Inc.

Your honest and open approach to SEO was refreshing, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your direct communication regarding realistic SEO expectations. Your team worked with us to fulfill our goals and needs, while leaving the integrity of the site and our vision intact.

- Sarna B. Lee, Gold Dust Partners

Marcel Digital to helped bring our Google Analytics into a core pillar of our web measurement and to say we were impressed would be an under-statement. While many agencies tend to treat clients as, well, clients, Marcel Digital felt more like a partner; The quality of work was tremendous and they brought a high level of expertise to the table. I honestly can't recommend them enough - with their help data analytics is now integral to our team's operations and we're finally able to benchmark the effectiveness of the web-based work we're doing. In over 15 years of experience working with agencies, I can honestly say Marcel Digital ranks in the highest tier.

- Mike Duquet, Absolute

While I could dwell on your team's flawless tactical execution and effective management of our online advertising budget, we were most impressed with Marcel's ability to frame our unique needs in the context of an overarching communications strategy. This focus, coupled with your responsiveness, regular process updates, and eye on future developments, has made Marcel an integral part of our firm's overall online strategy.

- Matthew R. Tullai, Frank Lynn & Associates, Inc.