We’ve all heard it by now, “you need to create ‘quality’ content.” But what does that mean? Our research tools help us understand what types of content you should be producing and what topics will perform best on search engines. With this scoring method, we’re able to uniquely identify topics that will help you move the needle in any vertical.

Beyond just written word, we’re skilled in creating linkable assets, which add to your user experiences on-site and create valuable engagement opportunities with potential customers.


Content Research

With Marcel Digital, content research is about finding useful ways to communicate to your customers. As SEOs, we know that the best way to rank on search engines is to cater to your audience. Our research methodology includes several steps that begin and end with thinking of your audience.

Additionally, we’ll dig in to see the types of content your competition is producing and what their most successful pieces look like. It’s also important to look at what is trending to capitalize on topics that are being talked about in your industry.


Linkable Assets

Writing blogs is all well and good, but is it always the best way to communicate to users? Creating linkable assets means thinking critically about your product/service and creating a web experience that really helps mirror that for your customers.

Selling a customizable product on your site? We’ll help build a customization tool for users to play with while figuring out how they want your product to look.

Have a great workflow or work environment? We’ll help get multimedia assets created to highlight these processes or environments.


Connecting the Dots

Content is more than just creating assets on the site, it’s also about connecting those assets. These connections are important signals to help Googlebot and other search engine crawlers understand what your site is about and how you’re helping users. The strategic use of these internal links will help users navigate to helpful content and help crawlers understand the context of your site.


If you like what you see, let's work together.

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What Our Customers Think

Your honest and open approach to SEO was refreshing, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your direct communication regarding realistic SEO expectations. Your team worked with us to fulfill our goals and needs, while leaving the integrity of the site and our vision intact.

- Sarna B. Lee, Gold Dust Partners

“Marcel Digital has been a trusted partner of ours for many years.  We are always in close communication and they are consistently helping us get the most out of our online campaigns. When we are not talking strategy, they are bringing us new ideas to help take us to the next level of success.  I always look forward to speaking with them and couldn’t be happier with the relationship we have developed.”

- Ken Quandt, Rush University Medical Center

When we were faced with the task of quickly stepping up the effectiveness of our internet marketing, Marcel Digital was able to guide us through a strategic plan that has allowed us to take significant steps towards our goals without a large outlay of time and resources.

- Gary Leffler, Broadway In Chicago

While I could dwell on your team's flawless tactical execution and effective management of our online advertising budget, we were most impressed with Marcel's ability to frame our unique needs in the context of an overarching communications strategy. This focus, coupled with your responsiveness, regular process updates, and eye on future developments, has made Marcel an integral part of our firm's overall online strategy.

- Matthew R. Tullai, Frank Lynn & Associates, Inc.

Marcel Digital has produced infinitely more subscribers for us than radio, magazines, and newspapers. I wish I would have known, because I would have taken every penny from those budgets and reallocated to you. Marcel Digital is doing an amazing job!

- Andrew G. Athy, The Dilectio Group, Inc.