Infer - Case Study
Increase in organic sessions
Increase in overall conversion rate


Name: Infer
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
Founded: 2010
Services Leveraged: Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Google Analytics Audit & Consulting


As the predictive analytics industry is incredibly competitive with many well-known brands and businesses taking up much of the search engine landscape, Infer reached out to Marcel Digital to assist in increasing their organic visibility for non-branded, industry focused keywords. Infer also wanted to ensure that the data collected from Google Analytics was not only clean and correct but useful for future strategizing and performance measurement. Lastly, Infer wanted to alleviate any conversion issues that users may be encountering when navigating the Infer website.


Marcel Digital was tasked with creating an optimization strategy that would not only drive more traffic to the Infer website by targeting specific keywords but would also result in more qualified leads based on those optimizations. This meant taking a step back and looking at the website's current overall performance, content strategy, and technical issues to ensure that all best practices were being met and in place. We would also be tasked with analyzing data from the Google Analytics implementation and seeing to it that that data was tracking correctly.


Marcel Digital got to work on the Infer website by conducting a full scope SEO and content marketing audit. We took a look at onsite and offsite items such as:

  • Title and meta tags
  • Schema implementations
  • Website technical issues
  • Keyword usage
  • Backlinks
  • Local SEO
  • Website architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Landing page / content reviews

And more. This also included an extensive Google Analytics audit where we checked the implementation and reliability of the data that Infer was collecting. Marcel Digital also took a look at all event and goal tracking that had been implemented to make sure that the data being collected was correct and up to date.

We then provided numerous recommendations to remedy the issues we found and how to best implement those recommendations based on resources such as impact, time, and ease, with the Infer development team. From there, we began monitoring the website's overall performance and rankings to see what areas of the website saw the most improvement from our recommendations and what areas of the site would need a tweak in strategy.

When all of these fundamental items were taken care of, we then leveraged heat and click mapping software, as well as user videos, to better track how users were using the website. This gave us a wealth of information on the obstacles that users were running into on the website, such as not being able to find calls to action, confusion in the website's navigation, as well as frustrations with forms and buttons. Our in-house experts then provided recommendations on ways Infer could better optimize for conversions and reduce bounce rates based on the information and data collected.


Through collaboration with Infer's marketing and web development team, our recommendations proved fruitful as we saw a 52% increase in overall organic sessions to key pages on the Infer website. This was due to not only fundamental SEO optimizations conducted on the website, but also through developing specific and targeted content that focused on keywords and queries that were relevant to the user's needs.

We also saw a 17% improvement in the bounce rate of the organic traffic coming to the website, meaning that the content being developed was found to be useful to those users searching and engaging with it. This theory proved true as the website as a whole saw a 16% increase in the overall conversion rate. We were also able to double Infer’s keyword universe, meaning not only did rankings increase but the number of relevant keywords Infer began ranking for increased!

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