Custom Labels eCommerce CRO Case Study

Custom Labels Manufacturer

Date: 03/08/2016

Client: Custom Labels Manufacturer

increase in overall site conversion rate
increase in transactions
increase in digital catalog views
Mission & Goals

The client launched a new website at the end of 2014 which included all new pages for categories and products. Since it is an eCommerce website, one of the primary goals of the new site was to increase conversions through the use of these new, detailed pages and an improved user experience.

Marcel Digital implemented conversion rate optimization to create targeted recommendations on tests to run to help improve the overall conversion rate and work on driving more sales through the website.

Action Plan
  • Utilize various heat mapping and user tracking tools to analyze user behavior and make data-driven recommendations
  • Setup various goals to track throughout the entirety of the test to determine the highest performing variation
  • Start off with a test on the homepage, the highest trafficked page, to increase the conversion rate for users starting off on this page
  • Implement test to improve homepage banner, add a “Featured Labels” section to highlight products, and improve visibility of the digital catalog
  • Installed user tracking tools to view heatmaps and click mapping on the current pages of the website
  • Analyzed user recordings to find pain points and make recommendations on tests that should be performed in priority order
  • Optimized pages to address user pain points and implement winning variations on the site
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

side by side comparison

Original Homepage

Original Homepage

Updated Homepage

Updated Homepage

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